Summer Wedding at Belcroft Estates

Belcroft Estates wedding photos in Summer

A beautiful rustic wedding at The Belcroft featuring amazing classic cars

We were back at Belcroft Estates to whoop it up with Sadie, Kyle and their whole wedding crew in August.  After some discovery photos at their Discovery Harbour engagement session earlier this year, this wedding was double-circled on the calendar.  These newlyweds are prime examples of what good, honest, friendly, salt of the earth type people look like – genuine and kind.

With my kickass second shooter Kindsey in tow, we arrived at the Belcroft Estates’ Man Cave and were greeted by three badass classics!  Kyle’s father collects and restores classic muscle cars and he brought three beauties with him – two GTO Judges and a Z/28.  Can I get a fk-ya fellas!  The GTOs were of special interest to me, as a wee-lad growing up my Dad had a GTO Judge as well so it was nostalgic having these cars around all day.

Belcroft Estates Classic Cars photo

With a downpour of rain looming most of the day, we managed to get in a large chunk of the photo sessions thanks to the first look Sadie and Kyle opted for.  Having the entire Bridal Party ready well in advance of the ceremony allowed us to dive into our Bridal photos right after our Bride and Groom saw each other for the very first time.  Riding the high of the First Look, everyone was ear-to-ear and beverage-to-beverage-ing their way through the day.

Our luck did eventually run out, nearing the half-way point of our photo-session, the skies opened up and Mother Nature got her way.   The downpour lasted a couple of hours pushing back the ceremony however just as the indoor backup plan was about to kick in, the clouds cleared and the sun came out – game on!  With the sun at their backs, Sadie and Kyle were finally able to say their I Dos.

Belcroft Wedding Ceremony photos

PRO TIP:  Brides be sure to consult with your photographer and other vendors well in advance with respect to your timeline.  The Belcroft grounds are huge so it takes time making your way around between photos, ceremony, reception etc.  Work in a some extra time for little unexpected delays – they’re likely to happen.  The last thing you want is stress on your wedding day, with a solid timeline the stress has little chance of gaining any traction.

While the rain did cause a little delay on Sadie and Kyle tying the knot, their real-life Cupid “MC-Manny” said it best during dinner when he said…

Wise words Cupid!  Well enough from me, let’s get the Belcroft King & Queen’s take on their wedding day below…

Belcroft Estates Wedding Reception setup photo

Inside the barn wedding reception venue at Belcroft Estates

Belcroft Estates Wedding Head Table setup photo

Wedding reception setup inside the barn at Belcroft Estates

Belcroft Estates Wedding Dinner Menu

Sadie: I loved having everyone I loved the most in the same room celebrating with us. It was every emotion rolled into one beautiful day and night!
Kyle: I loved how it was unexpected, and ultimately untraditional. I did not expect the rain and the clearing before our perfect ceremony. It was so humbling to have everyone celebrating us!

Sadie: The first look. It was so private and I really didn’t expect it to get so emotional! It was perfect.
Kyle: The first look. I was so excited and emotional, she exceeded my expectations in every category.

First Look Belcroft Wedding photos

Sadie: When I was tearing up in the basement of the barn hiding out from the downpour of rain, Kyle was right there to console me and ensure me everything would work out. He was right, everything worked out perfectly and I will never forget that moment as it reminded me that I was marrying my best friend and the one who makes everything in my life better!
Kyle: She absolutely blew me away with her beauty in her wedding dress, I thought I had seen it all!

Bridal portrait

A TIP FOR FUTURE BRIDES FROM SADIE:  Let it be and take it all in! No matter what happens your day will be such an amazing time (even if it pours rain during ceremony time!)

A TIP FOR FUTURE GROOMS FROM KYLE:  Don’t stress about the little details and planning surrounding the day, because when it comes it’s all worth it!

HONEYMOON PLANS:  We are currently on an East Coast of Canada road trip!

Cabot Trail honeymoon

Ask for help when you need it – everyone at Belcroft is so helpful (Theresa was a saviour!). Belcroft has everything to make your wedding beautiful, unique, and personal and Vaughn highlighted it’s beauty so perfectly in the sneek peaks we have seen!

Belcroft Estates Bride and Groom on dock photo

A little romantic walk before dinner along the pond at The Belcroft

Belcroft Bridge with Bridal Party

The landmark bridge over the pond at Belcroft Estates – a favourite among guests.

Belcroft Estates Wedding photo

Sadie and Kyle throwing down on the lane way at Belcroft Estates.

GTO Bridesmaids at Belcroft Estates Wedding photo

Pontiac GTO Wedding photo
Belcroft Estate Wedding pic

WEDDING COORDINATOR – Theresa Kerr, Kerr Events
HAIR – Brittany Buck, Brittany Buck Hair & Beauty Boutique
MAKEUP – Alexandra Colella, Mobile Makeovers
FLORIST – Fresh Flowers by Leanne
DJ – Keep Them Dancing

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