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Marriage Proposal Ideas Photography

Popping the question, here are some marriage proposal tips.

Surprise your better half with Engagement Proposal photos

The marriage proposal is a huge moment in a couple’s relationship. Today people are getting far more creative with their proposals.  A fun, memorable option… consider having a photographer capture the moment for you.  For women, one of the great things about getting engaged is telling all her friends & family!  What if she was able to show them how it all went down?  It’s a great addition to the timeline of your relationship.  Better yet, how great would it be for you two to sit down years from now and show your kids?

Facebook it, Tweet it, Text it, Email it, Pin it… we live in the social media era and people love to share photos so everyone can see.  Marriage proposal photos combined with social media is a great way to share your engagement news with friends/family near and far.

Here’s how we can plan your marriage proposal

1. Contact me with the details  ie. date, time, location.
2. We’ll set up a video chat or meet in person to discuss how you would like to propose and then we can talk logistics!
3. On the big day I’ll secretly take candid photos (from a distance) of the two of you as the proposal goes down.
4. Then once you’ve had a few moments to enjoy yourselves, I’ll pop out and we can spend a few moments taking some great photos that she does know about!

If you have an idea for a great proposal, get in touch with me!

Marriage Proposal Ideas photography

Marriage proposal photography in winter by Vaughn Barry Photography. Proposal ideas.

Engagement Marriage Proposal Ideas Photos

Engagement proposal ideas, have your marriage proposal photographed.


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