Q: I don’t want to spend a lot of money, can I still get great photos?
A: You get what you pay for. If your brother’s wife’s cousin does your photos for free, your photos will look like your brother’s wife’s cousin did them for free.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?
A: No, I do not. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and shots of my foot (I tend to do that).

Q: Does your studio provide videography services?
A: At the moment, no – but stay tuned.

Q: Have you shot at my venue before?
A: I’ve shot at many venues, so there’s a reasonably good chance that I have. However, if not, I always get to the venue either before or early on the Wedding day to do a thorough walk-through to scout the best photography locations. I also do extensive online research prior to – Google is my friend!

Q: Do you do destination Weddings? What additional fees are associated with destination Weddings?
A: While I’m based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada – I’m happy to travel all around the world. My destination wedding photography packages include the cost of travel at certain times of the year. Learn more about my destination wedding investment here. Because of my frequent trips to Punta Cana, oftentimes I’m able to waive my travel at certain times of the year.

Q: Which photographer will be shooting my Wedding?
A: Me, moi, I. While I often bring second photographers and assistants – I am the principle shooter for all of my weddings.

Q: Do you provide partial day coverage?
A: Generally I don’t provide partial day coverage on weekends. For weekends I only accept clients that require at least 8 hours of coverage. Read my wedding day timeline post which goes in depth explaining the amounts of time typically required for each portion of a wedding day.

Q: Do you do headshots, lifestyle portraits, sports, family portraits, other types of photography?
A: Yes, I have experience in many fields of photography. Feel free to contact me.

RCMP Mountie in Canoe wedding photo


Q: What is your photography style?
A: I’m known for developing a unique style of wedding photography with a photojournalism base. I love using creative lighting, unique angles, compositions and artistic post production to bring out our clients personalities in telling their story. I pride myself on pushing the envelope, not being afraid to explore new and creative avenues to create one of a kind images.

Q: Can I see a full event from start to finish?
A: For sure you may! It’s good to see what a photographer can produce over the course of an entire day – not just a small selection of their best work.

Belcroft Estates Wedding Photo


Q: Do you edit all the images?
A: Yes I do. Every image I deliver is post produced with my unique signature style. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments and other corrections. Many photographers will do little to no post production – or will only post produce “select” images from your Wedding. This can lead to pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones or other common flaws.

Q: Do you shoot in JPG or RAW?
A: I shoot exclusively RAW. This leaves me with maximum flexibility in post production. Once editing is complete I convert all the images to JPG format for you.

Wedding Bouquet


Q: How many hours do you suggest I set aside for wedding day photos?
A: Take a look at my Wedding Photography Timeline to see a detailed breakdown of how much time to set aside for your Wedding photos.

Q: What happens if I go over the contracted coverage time?
A: I understand that not everything goes as planned during a Wedding. I never pack up before the contracted time; and moreover I’m certainly not leaving on the dot when my contracted coverage is up. Instead, I will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, additional hours are $250 unless otherwise specified and I’ll round to the nearest 30 minutes.

Q: Why do I need to charge for additional coverage?
A: I’ve dedicated the entire day to your wedding, so I won’t be racing off to catch up with other plans that evening. However, I need to charge for additional coverage primarily due to compensating my second shooters and assistants. Also, the additional photos taken will need to be post processed which adds to my overall costs.

Wedding Photographer


Q: When should we do our engagement session?
A: I encourage you to do your engagement session as soon as possible. Just be sure to leave plenty of time before the wedding date – at least 2 months to allow for post production.

Q: Do you travel for engagement sessions?
A: My engagement sessions are typically done in the general Barrie area including Collingwood and lower Muskoka region. This doesn’t mean I won’t travel for an engagement session however charge $55/hr in those cases.

Q: When can I expect to see our photos from our engagement session?
A: Post production for e-sessions are completed within three weeks. If you need the images prior to three weeks a rush-process fee will be charged.

Q: Can I schedule our engagement session on a weekend?
A: Since most weddings take place on weekends, I typically don’t shoot e-sessions on weekends. If you can only do your engagement session on a weekend, I can tentatively schedule your engagement session on a weekend – however should I end up booking a wedding later on we would have to reschedule your engagement session. There will also be an additional charge for weekend engagement sessions because the few weekends I have free, I spend with my family. The big bonus to shooting on weekdays is that most shoot locations are generally less crowded.

Q: How many images do you deliver from an engagement session and wedding?
A: Generally I deliver anywhere from 25-50 images per engagement shoot and for weddings I typically deliver between 500-900 images depending on the coverage time you choose. Please note: these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day, travel and various other events.

Wedding Albums


Q: How are our images delivered to us following shoot/wedding?
A: Your images are delivered via your online Gallery. From your Gallery you can download individual photos or the entire set of images easily straight to your computer. From your Gallery you can also order prints and canvases – as a client of mine, you have direct access to my professional lab that will ship your prints and artwork straight to your door.  Your online Gallery is designed to make everything simple and seamless for you and your family!

Q: How long does it take to get my prints?
A: Product times vary – however print orders will generally be completed within 1-2 weeks after the order is submitted. If you need the order quicker – additional fees for rush processing & shipping will apply.

Q: How long does it take to get my wedding album and/or guest book?
A: Production times vary – however you can generally expect to receive your album 3-5 weeks after placing the final order. The album approval process takes place prior to placing the order. I design the album then provide you with a digital copy to review and make any changes. Once you’ve approved the final draft the order is placed. Rush orders are available – additional fees for rush processing & shipping will apply.

Q: How many pages and images do we get in our wedding album?
A: My signature album contains 30 pages and approx. 50-70 images. If you’d like to fatten your album by adding more pages and images, each additional spread (1 spread = 2 pages) can be added at an additional cost which includes the design time and revisions.

Wedding canvas art print


Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?
A: You have the right to reprint the images as often as you’d like. However you may not sell the images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of Vaughn Barry Photography.

Q: Do you provide the RAW files from my engagement or wedding?
A: Each of my wedding collections come with full resolution image downloads in JPG format. However, I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from my shoots because I believe in delivering only the finished product. Read more about why I do not provide raw files to clients here.

Q: Am I able to pay with my credit card?
A: No, when email transfer fell from the heavens the unsavory credit card and PayPal fees bit the dust. E-transfers make life so much easier!

Sunset Engagement Photo


Q: Do you backup our images? How can I ensure that our images won’t be lost?
A: I’ve never lost an image from a Wedding due to the following backup measures:
I shoot with professional camera bodies complete with dual card slots meaning every shot I take is recorded on the primary card and immediately backed up to the secondary card. When I arrive home from a wedding, the cards are backed up once again to my primary hard drive and then again to an external drive.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?
A: Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have Liability Insurance. So before hiring Uncle Bob, make sure he’s covered.

Waves crashing engagement photo


Q: I don’t live in the area and won’t be able to meet in person. Are there any other options?
A: I would love to meet with you in person however, if it’s not possible we can do everything remotely via video chat – technology’s a beautiful thing. In fact, many of my destination wedding couples are from the east and west coast as well as the USA – these meetings are done via video chat or phone.

Q: Do you travel to meet clients?
A: Due to the limitations of my schedule, I currently do not travel to meet clients. If you’d like to schedule a meeting, we can meet via video chat or phone call.

Father of the Bride photo


Q: How do I reserve you for my date?
A: All dates are reserved once I receive your signed contract and retainer.

Q: How are the payments structured for local Canadian weddings?
A: Your local wedding package payments are broken down into three parts:

  1. 30% retainer to secure your date
  2. Additional 30% is then due 6 months prior to the wedding
  3. Final balance is due 3 weeks before the wedding

Q: How are the payments structured for destination weddings?
A: Destination wedding package payments are broken down into three parts:

  1. 30% retainer to secure your date
  2. Additional 30% is then due 6 months prior to the wedding
  3. Final balance is due 3 months before the wedding. Why so soon? I have to get my travel itinerary in place and book my trip.

Q: What if I exceed our contracted time for our engagement shoot and/or Wedding day coverage?
A: Additional hours are $250/hour each.

Q: Do you charge for travel for weddings?
A: In my typical coverage area I do not charge my travel. However, outside of my typical area between lower Muskoka and Collingwood I charge $55/hr.

Q: If I cancel the wedding, will I receive our retainer back?
A: Unfortunately no. Retainers are used to block off your date on my schedule meaning I turn away all future work for that date.

First Dance Husband Wife photo


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