Jaclyn and Ben’s Sunnidale Photos

Ahh young love… I generally write my own blog entries however nobody could tell their story better than the Groom-to-be himself.  It’s a story meant for Hollywood, but it first started in a small Barrie neighbourhood right near Sunnidale Park.  Take it away Ben…

Jaclyn and I met when we were 9 when she moved in across the street. We became close friends shortly after she moved in, we spent most of our free time together playing with our friends. I instantly fell for Jaclyn but didn’t tell her or anyone about it. In grade 9 I moved away (still infatuated with her) to New Brunswick and Jaclyn stayed in Barrie. We kept in touch writing each other occasionally and Jaclyn would come visit my family from time to time. After 3 years I moved back to Barrie to go to college and Jaclyn went away to Quebec for University. Finally our paths crossed again when Jaclyn came back to Barrie for the summer of 2011. We instantly became closer than before and after 6 months Jaclyn finally mustered the courage to ask me out – since I was too much of a chicken for 9 years! After 2 years of dating I asked Jaclyn to marry me in Sunnidale Park (one of the many places we played as kids).

Stay tuned for their Muskoka wedding photos coming up summer 2014!

Sunnidale Park Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos Sunnidale Park Barrie

Engagement Photographer in Barrie

Out front of the Bride’s childhood home, the Groom’s childhood home was just a few doors down.