Photo Ideas for Your E-Session

My top 10 engagement photo ideas and tips

Your wedding to-do list isn’t getting any shorter and coming up with ideas for pictures isn’t all that easy with so many things on the go.  So here’s my list of engagement photo tips to guide your prep work…

1. First off, comfortable clothing is important. When you’re comfortable and relaxed it shines through in the photos.  You’ll also be on your feet much of the time so comfy shoes are a must!

2. Just as important… wear clothes that “are you”.  Engagement photos are meant to reflect you and your partner as you are at this time in your lives.

3. Change it up.  Variety with outfits opens doors to opportunity in any photo shoot… you can swap outfits according to the locations you choose.  If you decide to being a change of clothes, I suggest something casual along with something slightly more formal.

4. To match, or not to match? You’ll get varying opinions on this one and if you were to ask my brother about matching outfits he’d say “eek, puke!”  For me, I say if you’re feeling it, go for it… this goes back to Tip #2, be and wear who you are!  Still on the fence?  Try each of you wearing jeans and then different coloured shirts… embrace the word compromise you “soon-to-be-weds”

5. Avoid patterns, zig-zag lines, stripes etc. with clothing.  Camera sensors aren’t a fan and it may be a distraction.  If Tip #2 sticks his nose in and one of you really wants to wear a striped or patterned shirt, just be sure to offset that with the other wearing solid colours.

6. For casual outfits, collared shirts with jeans look great for the fellas. As for girls, sun dresses are nice in summer, for Fall maybe a scarf and cozy sweater with some jeans – this will look great among the coloured leaves.

7. Bring along some props for a few fun or sentimental shots.  Do either of you have hobbies that are important to you?  Maybe some sentimental items from your younger years?  If you’ve been dating a while check out the website Dear Photograph for cool photo ideas.  Anything that might be personal for you as a couple add a very cool element to the photos.

8. Be nosy.  Snoop around at other couples’ engagement photos and pick out some outfits you like.  A good place to start is Google Images and Pinterest.

9. Be yourselves, relax and let your personalities shine… I tell my couples to focus on one another and not the camera.  Easy enough right?! No worries, after a few minutes we’ll be life-long friends and you’ll be able to sink into one another without a second thought about the camera lurking about.

10. Location, location, location.  Parks, beaches, downtown, the ball park or where you had your first date/kiss etc. Be creative with your location choices.

Engagement pictures are a great way to meet and get comfortable with your wedding photographer before the big day.  These are just a few tips to help with your shoot, I’d love to hear your favourite tips, please leave a comment below…