Avoid Camera and Lens Fog Up

Prevent camera lens fog up

“Get the fog outta here!” Preventing camera fog-up at your next destination wedding

I’ve been travelling south for destination weddings for a few years now and an issue I ran into early on was fog-up.  Here’s the situation… I was prepping my gear for a wedding that day in my icy cold Dominican Republic hotel room.  With everything ready, I high-tail it down to the beach to meet my couple. At the beach I pull out my camera and go to fire a quick test shot only to realize I can’t see a thing – it’s completely f’d up… err fogged up.  Not thinking – as this is the first time I’d ever come across this issue – I pull out my microfiber cloth and begin cleaning my lens.  I know, genius right?  Streak-city, and the lens just continued to fog up after each wipe.

Eventually my lens did unfog itself – because the simple truth is, there’s nothing you can do once it fogs up.  The key is preparing by taking preventative measures.

What’s happening here is that fog/condensation forms on your lens when you move from a cold, dry environment to a warm, humid location.  And destination weddings are about as humid and hot as they come.

MY SOLUTION:  Bring your gear outside

Pretty high-tech solution ehh?!  About an hour or so before leaving for my shoots I bring my gear out on the patio of my hotel room.  I travel with my cameras in large ziplock bags so I have them and my lenses in my camera bag together on my hotel patio – out of direct sunlight but in the open air.  This allows the gear to adjust to the outside climate.  Just be safe, keep a close eye on your gear on the patio – for me I take that time to catch some sun and clear my head right beside my bag before heading out.

Bonus Tip:  On the recommendation of a fellow destination wedding photographer, I also tried using a hair dryer on my gear before leaving my room.  It brought up the temperature on my gear before heading out.  I’ve tried it a few times now and it works like a charm!  The only drawback is it takes time standing going through each camera body and lens if you have a lot of gear… for just a few pieces, it’s awesome!

Good luck!


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