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The Barrie Country hosts a beautiful fall wedding

Bag-tags, bagpipes and super-crazy-cute baby Brynn highlighted Amanda and Jamie’s beautiful Barrie Country Club wedding!  Josh and I arrived to meet the Groomsmen and as boys do the good-times were in full flight – from classic Molson’s to bag-tag and of course, camo shotguns.  You know, standard operating procedure on a Saturday morning.

A much different story when we walked into the straight-business Bridesmaid headquarters.  I’ve learned over the years, don’t get in the way when a Bride’s in the makeup chair!  The dresses were hung by the fireplace with care, even lil Brynn’s with a bow and thingy for her hair.  I’ve been brushing up on my D-Seuss if you couldn’t tell – don’t judge.

Fast-forward through slick-limos and killer First Look session to game time… complete with bagpipe escort down the aisle for Amanda and her Father.  These little personal touches are what make each wedding so memorable.  Who doesn’t love the crow of the bagpiper – which reminds me, the Leafs season opener is just around the corner – bagpipers are far as the eye can see!

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It was nostalgic being back at the Country Club – the site of my second ever wedding.  A few years and a wedding or two later here we were again.  For Brides looking for a wedding venue in the Barrie area, make sure the BCC is on your list to see.  But that’s enough outta me, let’s hear how the BCC King and Queen felt about their day…


Amanda:  I loved all the little surprises, that meant so much to me. My girls surprised me with bridal party shirts for us all to wear while we got ready. My father surprised me with an SUV stretch limo to drive Jamie, myself and the entire bridal party around for pictures and to the Barrie Country Club. Jamie surprised me with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to wear and a special note I will keep forever.
Jamie:  It’s hard to pick just one thing. The whole experience was awesome from the first look to the ceremony to the prime rib and the party.

Wedding photos at Barrie Country Club

Amanda:  I have so many memorable moments from the day that I will never forget. The top of the list; doing a ‘first look’ with Jamie before the ceremony. Choosing Sunnidale to do our first look was the perfect location as we had our engagement session photographed there. There was a flood of emotions that came over me standing there waiting for Jamie to see me for the first time in my wedding dress. Having to slowly walk up behind Jamie until Vaughn counted down from 3 and Jamie was allowed to turn around and knowing our close family and friends were watching from afar. It made the moment surreal. The moment I waited for since the day I found my dress. Other memorable moments from our day; enjoying the morning getting ready with all the girls. With every one of us feeling and looking beautiful for the big event. Having our first dance as Husband and Wife. It was a moment alone together on the dance floor, where we could take it all in.
Jamie:  I would have to say the first look! As Vaughn had me sweat it out for a good 10 minutes waiting for my beautiful bride. It really slowed down the time as the rest of the day was a blur.

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Amanda:  Jamie is full of surprises but I never expected to see such emotion from him on our big day. The man I’ve loved over the past four years showed a side of him I’ve never seen before – a side that made me love him even more. Believe me when I tell you; your wedding day will be just as emotional for your husband as it will be for you.
Jamie:  Amanda is a beautiful person on the inside and out. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share the rest of my life with.

Barrie Country Club Wedding photography

Amanda: Convince your future husband to do a ‘first look’. I will never forget those minutes from our day. Not only will you be filled with adrenaline in that moment, but it makes for a great photo opportunity. The release of nerves and the anxiety lifted from both of you before the big ceremony, makes the day much more relaxed :D.

Jamie: Pack yourself a ‘traveler’ cooler for you and the guys. The girls are bound to be late. So enjoy a cold one to ease the nerves.

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The Country Club is an amazing venue. Not only do they include everything you need for a ceremony and reception. The event coordinators keep you on schedule. They were always around to make sure everything went off without a hitch. It’s a beautiful spot offering a variety of backdrops for photographs. The chef is amazing. Every guest raved about the food; including the hors d’euveres. I would highly recommend the Barrie Country Club to any future brides. They make planning a wedding a lot less stressful.

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Photographer:  Vaughn Barry Photography

Coordinator:  Christine Wood, Barrie Country Club

Hair/Makeup:  Ciao Bella Hair and Makeup

DJ:  Keep Them Dancing

Favors & Dessert:  Sweetannabella Treats

Florist:  19 Melrose – Marilyn Ruyter

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Barrie Country Club front doors - wedding photo
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