Fall Engagement near Orillia, Ontario

Bass Lake Engagement photo in Orillia, Ontario

Lindsay and Albert’s Fall engagement photography in Orillia, Ontario

LOLs, Park Rangers and a Leviathan nut-shell the story of these two soon-to-be-weds. Meeting Lindsay and Albert a short while back it was clearly obvious that I just had to shoot their wedding.  They’re down to earth, over the moon for one another and totally hilarious – my kind of couple.  The not-so-simple simple story of their engagement will have you in stitches (read it in their own words below).

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE:  Check out Lindsay and Albert’s Orillia wedding.

But first things first, I had to steal these two away from their workloads and wedding planning to stir those coals.  Lindsay was looking for Fall colour and we were pushing our luck timing-wise as Old Man Winter was prepping a little early and leafy trees haven’t been easy to find the past week.  But having my in-laws in Orillia, I drive by Bass Lake Provincial Park often and it was holding it’s colour far better than the surrounding areas.  Done deal, a late afternoon stroll around Bass Lake Park it was.

Fall engagement photos in Orillia Ontario

I like to mix things up with my couples, keep things light and fun to pull out their most genuine personalities.  A big movie buff, I love throwing out a request for a couple’s best Blue Steel pose – ya the one from Zoolander – please tell me you know the one!

Enough from me, be sure to read on below to hear Lindsay and Albert’s story in their own words…

Lindsay:  Albert and I had been friends for many years since high school. We have always been in the same group of friends and he owned the “party house”. We would all camp at the same spot for many years every summer. We still camp there to this day with the same group of friends!
Albert:  Lindsay and I had been friends for as long as I remember. I even went to her prom, back then we were with other people but she really hasn’t changed much, still the fun, loving girl I’ve always known.

Fall engagement photography in Orillia Ontario

Orillia engagement photography in Fall

Lindsay:  Albert and I, along with a group of friends went to Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. He made me ride the biggest, scariest ride after just eating dinner. I was fine because I only had an appetizer but he was so sick after, we ended up having to leave early. Can’t say I didn’t warn him!
Albert:  We went to Canada’s Wonderland and I convinced her to ride the Leviathan first. It was the newest ride there and she did NOT want to go on. After much convincing, she agreed and I was the one that was sick after the ride. That Christmas she bought us a Great Dane puppy and we named her Levi, short form for that first ride we took at Wonderland.

Orillia Engagement photography in Fall

Lindsay:  Our first New Years Eve together, I had Felix at home and we just had a nice romantic night at home. I knew that he was absolutely the right guy for me, forever.
Albert:  I knew from the beginning as cheesy as that may sound. I saw that she is the most loving mother and partner that I couldn’t go on this journey of life without her. My Dad is deceased now, but she was amazing with him when he was sick. I just knew she was everything that I was looking for in a wife, it came faster than I thought, but we had known each other so well already.

Overhead Engagement photo in Orillia

Lindsay:  Well, we were camping at the same site we always camp on at Killbear Provincial Park. We are fairly familiar with the staff at the park since we have been camping there for many many years. The Park Ranger drove up (which they do multiple times a day) but this time he had stopped. He mentioned there had been multiple complaints about a barking dog on our site. I thought we had kept the three dogs fairly quiet, but figured that was our warning and it was done. He asked who’s name the site was under and asked for Albert’s ID. He took the ID back to his truck and Albert asked him if he was getting a ticket, he responded with “we will have to see”.

I was talking with our friends around the campfire as it was almost dark and my sister and I were discussing that if we got a ticket for our dog, I was not going to be impressed by any means. At one point I even told my friend Shannon that she may want to lock me in the camper so we didn’t end up with more tickets because I can be a little fire cracker at times haha. Park Ranger comes back and hands Albert a ticket. I immediately start on the Ranger, explaining we are here multiple times a year and our “barking” dog (who was currently barking at the park ranger now) was less quiet then some of the partiers in the camp ground on this long weekend. I told him he should have at least gave us a warning like they have done in other years to try and fix the problem first because we would have at least put the dogs away in the camper for the night. The look on Albert’s face when he got the ticket, I knew it was not a small fine, which only aggravated me more. He handed me the ticket, which I instantly skipped to the amount on the bottom and was arguing with the ranger on my right, oblivious to the fact Albert was down on one knee to my left. A friend had mentioned what the ticket said and I looked at it again. Right in the middle of the ticket read “will you marry me?” I felt so bad for the Park Ranger and so shocked at the same time. Best moment by far and so meaningful that it was at our favourite spot surrounded by friends and family. The Park Rangers didn’t bother us for the rest of the night, other staff came by and congratulated us. It was awesome!

Engagement ring photo with red maple leaf

Albert: I knew I was proposing that weekend we were camping, just wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off yet. It was hard enough to hide the box from her at home but even harder in the camper. Linds was unpacking clothes to put into the closet in the camper and the ring was in my bag. I told her to leave my bag and I would just live out of it all weekend. I watched her until she was done. I went to get firewood on the Friday and asked the park warden if he would help me out, he said make a plan and he would do his best. I thought at first I would try and get evicted (its actually happened many years before when we were teenagers) but I soon realized Lindsay would probably loose her mind if I tricked her like that. Next best thing was a barking dog ticket, so I went back up to speak with the park ranger. Later that day the park ranger told me he didn’t think he could keep a straight face and pull it off. He did tell me the park ranger that came on at 7:30pm that night would be my best man for the job, so I waited. Lindsay’s sister decided to come up for the night and that got me even more nervous. I took a nap during the day to try and not lead her into thinking something was up because she usually knows. I stayed by my phone without Linds catching on and once the other Park Ranger got on shift he called and gave me a 5 minute heads up. I didn’t know the park ranger was going to ask for my ID so I guess I looked more surprised, which wasn’t a bad thing. When the park ranger went back to his truck, I gave him a few minutes and went and talked to him. I was laughing that Linds was back at the campsite already irritated about this ticket. Trying to keep a straight face, I walked back to the campsite and told her that we were indeed getting a ticket. Park Ranger came back handed me the ticket and I gave it to linds and got down on one knee with the ring in my hand. She didn’t even read the middle of the ticket at first which made the moment even more nerve racking. Lindsay was sitting in a camp chair and I’m on her left side and the park ranger (who she is talking too) is on her right, she reread the ticket and finally clued into what was happening. Best moment of my life!!

Orillia Fall Engagement photo

Lindsay:  The beard, the beard is perfect! Aside from that, he is the most loving, supportive person to Felix and I.
Albert:  Her contagious laugh, we never stop laughing and joking around.

Lindsay:  The look on Albert’s face when he sees my dress. I can’t believe I have to wait another 10 months to show him!
Albert:  The party. Oh and the dress, she’s really excited to show me. Making her a Mrs. Walker takes the cake though.

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