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Best Destination Wedding Resorts | Majestic Colonial

The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana is one of the best resorts for destination weddings in the Dominican Republic

I made my first trip to the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana back in 2011 when my wife and I were married in the Garden Gazebo.  I now return several times each year since then but shooting other couples’ weddings – the Majestic has become my home away from home.  I feel I have an advantage when it comes to weddings at the Majestic Colonial.  My wife and I were married there so we’ve been through the process as a bride and groom. And now I shoot destination weddings as a professional photographer so I have that perspective as well.  I’m going to break some things down for you based on these two perspectives!

Map Majestic Colonial Punta Cana for Weddings

Majestic Colonial Ceremony Locations

The resort boasts 3 very different and very cool options for your ceremony:  The first is the Garden gazebo which is surrounded by lush gardens and a water moat.  The second is naturally the Beach gazebo where you’ll walk down the aisle with your feet in the warm white sand and for your ceremony you’ll have your guests on one side of you and the turquoise blue Caribbean sea on the other.  The 3rd and lesser known option is the Chapel, a small but very cute wedding chapel right near the Majestic theater.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two primary wedding ceremony locations – the Beach vs Garden Gazebo.

Majestic Colonial Garden Wedding Gazebo Punta Cana

Wedding ceremony in the Majestic Colonial Garden Gazebo in Punta Cana.

Wedding Reception Locations at the Majestic Colonial

The two primary wedding reception locations at the Majestic are the Wet Bar and the Parrot Bar.  The main differences between the two are  A) Wet Bar is larger in terms of space, the Parrot Bar – while still a decent size – is more suitable for smaller wedding groups.  Other receptions options include the Presidential Suite (pictured below) which is a super-size terrace overlooking the beach and then the Ballroom which is located up near the lobby offering a more tradition indoor reception venue complete with air conditioning.  A final option is the beach reception where they set up a private dinner/reception for your group right on the beach.  A word of caution with the beach option – it can get a little windy in the evening and I’ve seen a couple receptions get rained out (not many, but a couple).

Read my more detailed comparison between the Wet Bar and Parrot Bar here.

Majestic Colonial Presidential Suite reception photo

Photo of the Majestic Colonial Presidential Suite wedding reception photo by Vaughn Barry Photography

Tips for planning your destination wedding at the Majestic Colonial or Elegance

Legal vs Symbolic Ceremony:
My advice is to get married at home as opposed to the Dominican Republic, the sheer volume of paperwork required is overwhelming and things like translation from Spanish to English as well as wait times (often months) for licenses are a real pain.  Getting married at home (even if it’s a secret/private ceremony) and then having a symbolic ceremony at the Majestic is much, much easier.  Majestic staff are able to perform the symbolic ceremony or there are also two Pastors from the United States who live in Punta Cana now who I’ve worked with several times.  Pastor York and Pastor Mark are super people who perform wonderful (and fun) ceremonies at the Majestic often.

Best Destination Wedding Resorts in Punta Cana

The Majestic Wedding Package

(from the Majestic website)  First things first – when you’re putting together your destination wedding guest list remember that if you book 15 rooms (or more) for a minimum 7 nights -or- if you book 105 room-nights in total – the Majestic offers a FREE wedding package!

Best Destination Wedding Resorts

My favourite Destination Wedding resort Majestic Colonial Punta Cana by Vaughn Barry Photography

Wedding Day Services

  • Professional wedding coordinators that take care of you leading up to the wedding and meet with you when you arrive to help select things like your cake, flowers etc.
  • Pressing your wedding dress and groom’s suit
  • They offer room upgrades to the bride and groom however do not count on this as it’s based on availability – and the Majestic is often at capacity. However most of the weddings I’ve shot at the Majestic, the bride and groom were able to get their upgrade.
  • Civil or Catholic Officiant service
  • Wedding bouquet, boutonniere for bride and groom + centerpiece
  • Champagne for everyone following the ceremony
  • Wedding Cake – my favourite is the strawberry cakes, SO. DAMN. GOOD.
  • Wedding certificate – note it’s in Spanish typically
  • Sounds system for ceremony

Caribbean weddings at Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

Post Wedding Services

  • Romantic breakfast in your room
  • Romantic dinner with champagne
  • Couples massage at the Majestic Spa
  • Bottle of champagne in your room (twice during your stay)
  • Room service

Extras (additional cost)

  • Sound system at reception
  • Private reception dinner + party
  • Beach reception dinner + party
  • Bridal party flowers
  • Cocktail party
  • Resort photographer and video
  • Additional ceremony and reception decor

Of course, consult with the Majestic Resort wedding staff first before making any decisions.

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