Top 9 Free Wedding Planning Apps

wedding planning apps

The best free wedding planning apps for 2020

Wedding planning can be an organizational clusterf*!  However brides these days have a boat load of helpful apps to ease much of this stress.  It’s time to embrace technology and keep your wedding planning easy, fun and efficient.

While there are oodles of apps available to take advantage of – here are nine to fuel your wedding planning:

  1. Countdown
    Stay on track and accountable to your wedding planning timeline with this app
  2. Pinterest
    Once you have your date locked down, go directly to Pinterest. Do not pass GO, go directly to Pinterest!  Endless ideas and inspiration to kickstart your planning
  3. One Second Everyday
    Track your wedding planning 1 second at a time
  4. Pocketbook
    Manage your wedding budget and stay on track!
  5. All Seated
    Create and visualize your seating chart with ease.
  6. Day One Journal
    Journal your way through your journey down the aisle
  7. Zola
    Planning and register set up made easy
  8. Etsy
    We all know and love Etsy… you’ll find endless ideas and options here!
  9. Lasting Marriage
    Marriage counseling app to get your relationship out of the gate healthy
  10. BONUS:  Use Google Drive to keep everything organized in the cloud. This keeps things simple, accessible and easy to share with your bridal party, guests and vendors.  It’s also a great tool for backing everything up including your wedding photos and video afterwards.

Do you have a favourite app you’re using (or used) while planning your wedding?  Reach out and tell me about it…

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