Winter Engagement Photos at Blue Mountain Village

Winter Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain Village Collingwood

Blue Mountain Village played host to Courtney and Joe’s snow covered engagement session

Let it snow, let it snow… when you opt for a winter engagement session, you always want snow in the forecast. Courtney and Joe picked the perfect day to head up to Blue Mountain Village near Collingwood.  While we didn’t get onto the famous pond for a skate, we did manage to get some great shots all around the rest of the village.

Courtney and Joe were total pros – in the teeth chattering temperatures they kept each other warm and smiling. Not to mention attracting their fair share of attention.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit Blue in the winter… treat yourself. Added bonus, try out Tholos restaurant – my fav’ in the Village!

Blue Mountain Firehall Pizza photo

Let’s hear Courtney and Joe’s story below in their own words…

Skating engagement photo

The perfect winter photo props, hot chocolate and skatesHOW THEY MET…
Courtney: Joe and I met in Niagara Falls. I was there for my cousins Bachelorette Party and Joe was there for a hockey tournament.
Joe: We met in Niagara Falls on a Saturday night. I was there for a hockey tournament and Courtney was there for her cousin’s Bachelorette.

Black and White hot chocolate engagement photo

Courtney: For our first date we went to Williams coffee pub. I was so nervous I almost didn’t go. It seems it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We went on a Sunday evening roughly around 7pm. The people that worked there basically asked us to leave because they were trying to close down. I went home knowing that, that evening was the best first date I’ve ever had.
Joe: I remember how much fun I had and I couldn’t wait for another date. I also remember that I shaved my hair off only to find out that she didn’t like shaved heads.

Engagement photo at Blue Mountain Village

Walking through Blue Mountain Village in the snow

Collingwood Engagement photo at Blue Mountain Village

Courtney: I knew Joe was the one after a few months of dating. We’d obviously gotten to know each other a lot better in that time. The way that Joe understood my quirky sense of humor and was able to handle my silliness. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find another man as amazing as him.
Joe: I knew when she met my family for the first time and just how well she fit in and comfortable the atmosphere was.

Winter engagement photo in Collingwood

Courtney: Joe proposed me to me on an evening in august. There was a huge storm going on and we had just gotten home from dinner drenched from the rain. Joe basically popped the question and I thought he was joking. I quickly found out he wasn’t when I had seen the ring box in his hand. I was completely surprised and in shock.
Joe: Well, we had plans to go for dinner and I was going to pop the question before we went out. However, it didn’t happen that way because she ran into a friend outside the house and started talking. So, we went to go have dinner – when we came back to Courtney’s place she had her back turned and I asked her. She didn’t believe me, but I asked her again with the ring in hand of course…

Blue Mountain Engagement Kiss photo

Engagement ring in tree photo

Courtney: Its hard to pick just one thing! I would have to say he is literally my best friend. He pushes me everyday to be a better person and to always rise above in everything in life. Good or bad he is always right beside me letting me know that I’m never in anything alone.
Joe: One thing I love is: from day 1, she always made me feel comfortable to be who I am.

Blue Mountain Village Ski Engagement photos

Courtney: I would have to say when we get to see each other for the fist time on the wedding day. I’m really looking forward to that experience.
Joe: Having a great day with my bride, eating good food, and a limo ride…

Winter engagement photo in Collingwood

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