Blue Mountain Winter Engagement Photos

Winter pre-wedding engagement photo

Winter engagement photography up an snowy Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood, Ontario

While naturally quit nippy, I’m really beginning to enjoy winter wedding and engagement shoots more and more.  This weekend my assistant Josh and I met up with Tessa and Brad for their e-session at one of Collingwood’s best wedding venues – Blue Mountain Village!  This was the perfect contrasting session to their summer Muskoka wedding coming up later this year.

These ski bums are no strangers to Blue Mountain so they naturally brought their gear along and we made an afternoon of it winding through the Village before heading up to the top.  My advice to couples planning their engagement session, consider a contrasting location to your wedding venue and something that shows off your personalities/interests.

Reasons engagement photos matter #4:  Take a break from wedding planning to just be with one another… at the beach, in the woods or even on the slopes!

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Skiing Fun Engagement Photos

Skiing engagement photos in winter at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario

Blue Mountain Winter Engagement Photography
Blue Mountain Ski Photography photo

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