Planning a wedding in Bracebridge?


Muskoka is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and Bracebridge is right in the heart of it. Living and shooting here in Muskoka gives me a unique insight into it's cottage towns, resorts and the terrain surrounding them.


Being only two hours from downtown Toronto as well as North Bay, Bracebridge is just close enough for wedding guests traveling to join you on your big day. It offers amazing recreation for weekend warriors, foodies, artists and those who simply enjoy the cottage life. Your guests will have plenty of incentives to build a fun weekend around your wedding day.


Here are a few of the best wedding venues around Muskoka.


Touchstone Resort wedding Bracebridge

Bracebridge weddings are best in any season


Whether you're looking at a classic Muskoka summer wedding, colourful fall wedding or willing to brave the elements with a chilly winter wedding - the Muskoka Region has you covered! In summer, the decks and docks are alive with swimmers, in fall the cozy sweaters come out and best of all the bugs take a hike. When winter blows in, the lakes freeze over and all-new options for photos come into play.






Photos are our return ticket to our most cherished memories. Beautiful scenery and perfect lighting are just the extras... with your wedding photos you remember how you felt first and foremost.


The lakes, forest and rocky landscapes around Bracebridge are catnip to us outdoorsy types! I'm looking for like-minded couples who share a love for the outdoors and who put photography high on their wedding planning to-do list.


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