Caring for your Canvas Art

Caring for your Canvas Art

How to take care of  your Canvas Art Piece

Your beautiful canvas art piece has arrived and you’re starting to look for the perfect location for it.  Like many things, it comes down to location, location, location.  Lighting, temperature and humidity come into play in keeping your canvas print looking spectacular as the years go by.

Hang your canvas in a place where it will be kept free of moisture and extreme temperatures.  Extreme heat and cold – or fluctuations in temperature can cause warping.  Cool, dry rooms away from open windows are the best options for your canvas art piece.

Canvas print hanging wire

Canvas print hanging wire photo

Wiping the canvas gently with a soft cloth every now and then will ensure your beautiful artwork continues to look incredible year after year.  Under no circumstance should you use any type of chemicals – just a soft, dry cloth will do just fine.

Canvas craftsmanship

I recommend choosing a hanging area under softer artificial lighting or diffused light.  Direct sunlight is quite harmful to canvas and prints in general.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for the best location to show off your new canvas art piece.

How to take care of your canvas

How to take care of your canvas wedding art piece

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