Caring for your Wedding Album

Taking care of wedding album

How to care for your priceless wedding album

We want our wedding day memories to last forever, your wedding album is your return ticket to that day. It’s also an invaluable family heirloom that your children’s children will cherish.  Here are some tips to ensure your memories are kept looking their best and your future generations can see just how bad ass you both looked on your wedding.

I recommend storing your album face up on a clean, flat surface.  Never store your wedding album vertically, always lay it down flat. Storing your album in a case/box is even better. Keeping your album in the dark is optimal for preserving the photographic prints in your album.

Flushmount wedding albums stacked

Do not store your album where it may be subject to extreme heat, direct sunlight, humidity or contact with any type of moisture. These may cause warping of the cover and/or pages.

The best way to view your wedding album is to rest the back cover on a clean tabletop or on your lap while always supporting the front cover with your left hand as you turn the pages of the album. Never suspend your album by only it’s cover, the page block is quite heavy and this can stress the flush mounting.

When cleaning your wedding album – use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away dust and finger prints.

A little TLC can go a long way in caring for your priceless flushmount wedding album.


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