Jo-Anna and Glenn’s Old Ruins Photo Session

Osler Castle Glen engagement photo

Crazy-cool castle ruins in the Blue Mountains of Collingwood were the backdrop for this killer engagement photo session

I was surprised to hear from Jo-Anna and Glenn initially – they were from Alberta but would be in Ontario for a couples weeks and would love me to shoot their engagement photos.  We met for a coffee when they landed to toss some ideas around – they were really looking for something different that what they could expect out west so no fields and classic sun flare etc.  My suggestion almost immediately was Osler Castle ruins up in Collingwood… after a brief description they were on board!

I found this photo/info at Ontario Abandoned Places during some research work, I’m such a history nerd!  From what I found out, Mr. Osler was in fact Britton Bath Osler (1839-1901) and was a famous Canadian lawyer who was better known as the crown attorney for the trial of Louis Riel.  Mr. Osler built the 15 room castle  in 1893 in hopes it would help his sick wife Caroline, unfortunately it did not as she passed away shortly after they moved in.

Osler Castle Original photo

Osler Castle – image via

After the little road trip, hike and climb we found ourselves face-to face with Mr. Osler’s creation.  The clouds had rolled in so we had little time with the sun however those who know me know I love a little texture in the sky… thank you Mother Nature!

It was great getting to know Jo-Anna and Glenn and giving them the memorable photos they had been looking for. It’s so cool getting to explore these types of locations!

Osler Castle Engagement Photos

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