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Creative hockey photography at the Mnjikaning Arena Sports Complex

Ahhh hockey photography!  Melding my love of the sport with my camera is always a treat.  My nephew’s first year as an Orillia Terrier… we gotta mark the occasion with some “sick” hockey pics Uncle V.  He invited a bunch of his friends out for some shinny at Mnjikaning Arena in Rama, but before the festivities began we set up a quick 15 minute shoot before his hair got all messed up – Mom’s rules.

Traveling light as always, I was working with a couple strobes and my new toy, the Rotolight Neo.  Enlisting the help of my voice activated light stand aka my Brother-in-Law, we managed to jam a series of shots into the tiny 15 minute window.  We still had some shinny to play and those young Terriers waiting in the wings – well I could feel their glares burning behind me.

Hockey photographer OrilliaCreative Sports Photographer Orillia

Orillia Terriers Hockey Photography

Getting away from the more traditional stand and pose type stuff – I wanted to incorporate some flow and movement.  I think at one point I yelled out some direction like, “Gimme your best Dean Youngblood moves…”  seemingly to a chorus of crickets.  Note to self, get a copy of Youngblood for my nephew’s next sleepover… maybe fast forward through tea with Mrs. McGill.

Since this shoot, my inbox has been buzzing – maybe we’ll have to add some sports photography to our wedding portfolio?!   Players, parents of teams can contact me here to find out more about shoot options.

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Creative Hockey Photographer in Barrie
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Creative Hockey Photography | Orillia Terriers
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Creative Hockey Photography | Orillia Terriers
Creative hockey photography - Getting our hockey-on at the Mnjikaning Arena Sports Complex in Rama. Sports Photography by Vaughn Barry Photography
Vaughn Barry
Vaughn Barry Photography
Vaughn Barry Photography
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