A Beautifully Overcast Deerhurst Resort Wedding

Peninsula Room at Deerhurst Resort - Wedding Dance photo

We traveled deep into the heart of Muskoka for Natalie and Drew’s Deerhurst Resort Wedding in Huntsville, Ontario

Just a few short weeks ago we were in Collingwood for Natalie and Drew’s engagement photos – now we’re cruisin’ up Hwy 11 to Huntsville for their Deerhurst Resort wedding!  As it has all summer, rain was threatening once again and the skies were deliciously dark and ominous.  Those who follow me know this is right up my alley, you have to be able to roll with Mother Nature regardless of her mood.  Ooey gooey grey skies can provide a killer backdrop for some bold and creative photos.  Natalie and Drew weren’t so keen however at the very last moment they both courageously decided the ceremony would continue outdoors.  They figured they came to the Muskokas for a reason – an outdoor, waterfront ceremony surrounded by wilderness, family and friends.

Deerhurst Wedding Bride getting ready photos

In a long list of great ideas at their wedding, was my favourite of all was Drew’s Mother/Son dance.  His Mother had passed and without the opportunity to dance with her, he and his sister Andrea choreographed an fun and heart-warming tribute to his late Mother complete with some hip-hop stylings and totally busted moves.  I generally don’t include many reception dance photos in my posts however it’s a beautiful tribute that represents the quality of this couple.

This was my first trip to Deerhurst and like all new wedding venues my homework was done well ahead of time.  Things like Google Earth help prepare me for the hefty distance between the waterfront ceremony and Peninsula Room reception while also giving me a lay of the land for my photo-routes. Fellow photogs who’ve already been there provided some great tips and the Deerhurst wedding coordinator Alison was very helpful in telling me where most photographers are attracted to – which for me is gold, I can scratch those spots off my list.

This was also the first wedding experience for my new assistant Josh.  We threw him straight into the deep end in with a full days coverage, go big as they say!  It’s been great so far with Josh, he’s been eager to learn and ask questions thoughout the day.  He listens intently, can carry every piece of equipment I have at once (yes, I’m totally un-gingerly breaking him in) and has shown a pretty keen eye for detail… the shutter is strong with this one.

I’m looking forward to being back for another Deerhurst Resort wedding soon, if you’re considering a large Muskoka venue with all the fix’ns – put it on your list!

The Bridesmaids looked amazing thanks to hair and makeup superstars Melissa Hall and Danielle Vanek!


Bridal Portrait at Deerhurst Muskoka Photo

Bridal Portrait in the Deerhurst Resort bridal suite


Bridal Portrait at Deerhurst Muskoka Photo
Bridal Portrait at Deerhurst Muskoka Photo
Deerhurst Wedding Funny Bridal Party Photos
Deerhurst Wedding Creative Bridesmaids Photos
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Deerhurst Wedding Reception Dance photos

Drew and his sister Andrea’s tribute dance to their Mother.

Peninsula Room at Deerhurst Resort

First dance wdding photo in the Peninsula Room at Deerhurst Resort


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