Destination Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

Destination wedding photography tips

Wedding photography tips to get the best photos at your destination wedding

Tanning:  Thinking tropical wedding?  Then tanning is no doubt at the top of your list before you head out.  Be careful…  hanging out in the sun those precious few days before your wedding day can create unwanted tan lines, burns and uneven skin tones/colour. This can be distracting in photos and if you want them removed by your photographer in post-production then it’s likely going to be pricey!  Tanning is ok but don’t overdo it and make it look unnatural.

Resort:  Destination wedding planning starts with the location itself.  Select a resort that had several options from the beautiful gardens to open beach and turquoise water as well interesting building architecture.  Ask the resort’s wedding coordinator if there is a fee for outside photographers – some resorts charge anywhere from $0 to more than $1,000 for you to have a photographer in for the day!  Another question, where to have the ceremony itself… beach wedding vs garden gazebo ceremony?

Coverage:  Having all your friends and family with you for your destination wedding is a real treat and once in a lifetime experience when combined with your wedding day. Have your photographer with you as much as possible so they can capture not only wedding photos, but your guests at they enjoy the day as well.  Another awesome benefit of weddings in tropical places is the colour… the colours are over-the-top gorgeous from the lush gardens to the turquoise oceans – having the photographer there throughout the day will allow so many awesome shots.  Also consider the coverage style of the photographer before selecting… are you looking for more candid shots or traditional posed photos?  Looking through a photographer’s portfolio will quickly indicate their style.

Timing:  Everybody wants a large collection of great photos of their wedding day but few consider the time required.  Be sure to budget enough time for the Photographer to do their work.  Images such as getting ready, first looks, Bridal portraits etc. all need to have specific time set aside for each.  If you have a late afternoon wedding, you may want to consider a first look session and get many of your photos taken before the ceremony.  This will make sure you don’t run out of light after the ceremony in getting all the shots in before sunset.  Speak with your photographer ahead of time, they’ll be able to help you set up a timeline to help things run smooth while making sure you get all the shots that you would like.

Destination wedding bride prep

Makeup:  Since you’re in a natural, tropical paradise it only makes sense to go with a more natural look for your beach wedding!  Less is more and your make up artist will be able to help you with that.

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