Discovery Harbour Engagement Photos

Sadie and Kyle at Discovery Harbour Penetanguishene

Discovery Harbour was the backdrop for Sadie and Kyle’s engagement session

I came to meet Sadie and Kyle after they reached out about the possibility of shooting their wedding later this year at Belcroft Estates.  After a good long chat, I remember driving home thinking to myself – dang, those were two of the nicest people I’ve met and they fit so ridiculously well together.  Fast forward to this engagement shoot at Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene and I was so-right, it was an effortless session as their natural way with one another made this photog’s life a breeze.  We even managed to sneak in a little Maple Leafs chit-chat which I’m known to do now and then.

But clearly nobody wants to hear from me when you can hear more about their story in their own words…

King Wharf Theatre Engagement Photo

Sadie: Kyle and I met while both attending the University of Western Ontario. He happened to be in the same program as my roommate and good friend Manny and during a conversation with Manny about how his new program was going he mentioned that there was someone in his class that was totally “my type”. A couple of months later our house was host to a party and Kyle was there.. and the rest is history. And naturally, Manny is our MC since he basically played cupid!
Kyle: We met at university of Western Ontario in London through a close friend. Sadie was finishing her criminology degree and I was just starting my occupational therapy degree. Our close friend Manny pretty much set us up by telling both of us we would be perfect for each other. At first I felt as though she didn’t really care much for me. However since Sadie is not much of an initiator I had to do all the work and take the lead. Eventually we ended up spending all of our free time together.

Discovery Harbour Engagement Photo

Sadie: It was simple, exactly how I like it. We went to a restaurant and talked and got to know each other better!
Kyle: I remember going out for dinner and being so excited to have her as my company. I got to know her by spending time with her and her friends before that. I remember it was amazing to just be out with just her.

Sadie: It was clear to me really early on that Kyle was unlike any other guy I’ve met. He is caring, sweet, and so selfless and I knew I couldn’t let him go!
Kyle: I knew from early on in our relationship they we were perfect for each other because we wanted all the same things in life, appreciated the little things, and shared important values. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her when we moved our life out west to Victoria, BC. Living there showed me that we could count on each other even when we were all by ourselves, we didn’t know anyone there when we first moved there. Every adventure we did in life after that I knew I wanted to spend it with her.

Discovery Harbour Engagement Photos with Sadie and Kyle

Sadie: I was under the impression that we were going to Algonquin for a day of hiking and sightseeing. The forecast the week ahead said it was going to be beautiful and sunny – it was anything but beautiful and sunny. We hiked to the top of a trail that comes to a cliff overlooking a beautiful lake, and I was petrified. Not a fan of heights, I was holding onto our dog with one hand and a tree with the other. Kyle grabbed for my left hand and said something really sweet (I think?) and I was so shocked – but could not bring myself to let go of the tree. I think my jaw hit the ground and I couldn’t find any words to say except “yes!”
Kyle: When we moved back to Ontario from BC I knew I wanted to propose within the first few months. I started telling Sadie I wanted to do a hike one weekend up to Algonquin Park since she had never really spent time there. I knew that it would be a perfect place to propose as we both loved the outdoors, and being out in nature with just us. I bought the ring a week before we took a trip up there. Once I bought it I knew I couldn’t wait, so I convinced her to go up there that Saturday. I looked up some nice hikes and decided to pick one that had a nice overlook onto a lake. Of course the day came and it was raining the whole drive there. We did a short 2 km hike to the viewpoint, Sadie was miserable in the rain and hiking on soaking wet trails. Sadie was also afraid of heights, so by the viewpoint she clung to a tree and refused to come any closer. Sadie’s mood changed pretty quickly after I got down on one knee. And after the sun came out too, so it was perfect!

Discovery Harbour Pre-Wedding

Sadie: Just one? Kyle is the most caring and attentive person I’ve ever met. He is so good to every single person in his life and if you asked anyone they would all say amazing things about him. I think that says so much!
Kyle: Love her sweet and caring nature, she is someone that makes you work and peel layers like an onion to get to her true feelings. Once you get there it is every bit worth it

Sadie: Celebrating with family and friends and being husband and wife!
Kyle: Our first dance together in the courtyard, seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress, and then just sharing the evening with our closest family and friends.

Stay tuned for photos of their upcoming Belcroft Estates wedding this August!


Discovery Harbour Engagement Photos

Engagement photos at Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene, Ontario

Discovery Harbour Engagement Photo
Engagement Photo
Discovery Harbour Engagement Photos with Sadie and Kyle
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