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Elora Mill Engagament Photos

Off to Elora, Ontario for some evening engagement photos before their upcoming spring wedding

For Taylor and Cody’s engagement photos we took a casual stroll through small town Europe… in Elora, Ontario.  With it’s small, stone detailed shops, attractions and scenery you can see why it’s a popular destination.

I’ve known Cody for many years and having coached him in his younger years, it has been a real pleasure watching him grow into the impressive man he is today.  So when he reached out asking me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Taylor, I was of course all-in!  Fast forward to the now, and planning is well underway for their wedding at Elora Mill’s sister-venue, Cambridge Mill.

Elora Ontario Photography

We actually got caught up in the views, fun and photos – and lost track of time. We had planned to head down to the river however we weren’t able to find the famous staircase to make our way down to the gorge below. Well, we did eventually locate it but not until the very end of the shoot.  So if you’re planning a visit, those famous stairs for Victoria Park and the Elora Gorge are here.

But enough from me, let’s hear Taylor and Cody’s story in their own words…

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Elora Mill Engagament Photography


We originally met online on Bumble. The first question Taylor asked me on Bumble was “What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?”  After that question I was hooked! After lying about having a car and talking for two weeks we finally met in Toronto celebrating her cousins birthday and the rest was history.

Elora Mill Engagament Photography


Taylor: As an introvert, I was extremely nervous to meet Cody in person for the first time so I arranged our first date to be at my cousins 19th birthday party that I was throwing for her. I remember being so nervous that my cousin had to finish my makeup for me. I was so nervous that I kept texting Cody that I wasn’t ready yet and if he could just wait in the lobby a little longer, when finally my cousin forced me to go down and meet him. I remember when the elevator doors opened and I saw him for the first time, my first thought was “Jackpot!”.

Cody: I remember I was so nervous whether I should tuck my shirt in or out until the last couple of moments before I met her and I instantly knew… it doesn’t matter, this is prettiest girl ever. Then we laughed all night and my shirt ended up being un-tucked.

Elora Mill Engagament Photographer


Taylor: As cheesy as it sounds, I knew instantly. On our second date, which was the day after our first date, Cody arranged the whole day but didn’t tell me what he had planned – it was a surprise. As we were walking around downtown Toronto together, I never felt more happy and more at home than in that moment. I texted my mom saying “This is the man I’m going to marry”.

Cody: I knew instantly. Our first date lasted 3 days. I never felt more myself, which is when I knew. We moved in 2 weeks after and I have been practicing my vows since.

Shopping in Elora OntarioTHE PROPOSAL, HOW DID IT GO DOWN:

The proposal was planned almost a year before it actually happened. It was originally inspired by two sitcoms that we liked but quickly morphed into something unique to us.

During the day Taylor was spending time with her best friend that she hadn’t seen in months. They were getting ready to go to a nice dinner so Taylor got dressed up really nice. Eventually Taylor received a phone call from her mom telling her there was an emergency signature she needed to complete at the condo we lived at.

Engagement Ring Proposal

Once Taylor arrived at the rooftop of the condo, she was greeted by my friend playing our song on his guitar. He walked her through a gauntlet of 50 friends and family all having their own unique message for her and each gave her a blue rose.

Marriage Proposal Tears Photo

Proposal Photo

At the end of the gauntlet there was a long walkway which led to me, where I was standing there waiting to propose.

After the proposal we rented our favorite restaurant and drank the night away with our friends and family.

Marriage Proposal Photo


Taylor: One thing I love most about Cody is how enormous his heart is. Cody is always looking out for his friends, family and community, and at the drop of a hat will always put others ahead of himself.

Cody: One thing I love about Taylor is how beautiful and strong she is. She’ll be an incredible role model to our future daughters. She’s better than me at fixing things, dressing up, doing spreadsheets, listening, educating and so much more.

Elora Ontario Halloween Street Decoration

Elora Ontario Halloween Street Decorations


Taylor: On our wedding day, I am really looking forward to having our families come together and celebrate! Oh, and to see Cody cry at the alter… I’ll be crying too I’m sure – of happiness of course!

Cody: I’m most looking forward to reading my vows and saying my speech. I’ve been planning this since the day I met Taylor and I can’t wait to finally share.

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Fall Engagement Victoria Park in Elora Ontario


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