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Engagement Photography Tips

Engagement photography tips to get the most out of your session

With engagement shoots we’re limited only by our imagination! But first and really the only rule is… be you. Clothing, locations, props etc. even dressing up to a theme you both love. Engagement photos are great for freezing this exciting time, in time.


When looking for a location for your engagement shoot, start with memory lane. Is there a location that has special meaning for you ie. first date, where the proposal went down etc.  I can also recommend locations in the Barrie, Collingwood and Muskoka area.

What about a theme?  Field romance, camping/fishing theme, cottage afternoon, ice skating, drive-in movie, downtown urban shoot, motocross bikes, a walk in the woods… the options are endless really. What style suits the two of you?

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Muskoka Engagement Photography | Pre Wedding Photos


Start with comfort. E-sessions can involve a lot of walking on not-so-steady ground at times so comfy footwear is recommended. Bring along other less-steady shoes in a beach bag if you’d like.  Tight clothes can also become an issue – can you sit and move around comfortably in those tighty-tight jeans?

Avoid patterns.  Keep the focus where it belongs by avoiding patterns if possible. Patterns like checkers/stripes tend to draw the eye towards them and away from the focus which is you! Without the strong patterns the clothing can take a back seat as complimentary rather than the focus.  Second reason to avoid patterns – camera sensors are not big fans of stripes, zig-zags on clothing, I’ll save you the nerdy techie stuff but it can do a weird thing called moire (kind of like looking through a screen door – not pretty).

Change it up. If multiple locations are in the cards, why not change outfits as well? Maybe start off in a nice field at sunset rocking some casual digs before getting dressed up and hitting downtown for a few night shots.

Props aren’t necessary however they can be fun, but I wouldn’t recommend props just for the sake of props.  Do you have some special items from with special meaning or maybe a gift handed down through your family?  These sentimental items make wonderful props.

Quick Tip:  When choosing outfits to wear start with what’s comfortable and build out from there.  Stand side by side in front of a large mirror and snap a quick photo with your phone to see how you look together all dressed up.

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Plan to have your engagement session as soon as possible.  The further out you can plan your shoot, the more time you have to enjoy your photos as well while also giving you plenty of time to create invitations, engagement album, guest book, gifts etc.  Your wedding planning schedule is always evolving and often feels like it’s only getting longer as you go – having your engagement photos done well in advance leaves time for other things as the day draws near.

I also like to suggest choosing a season that contrasts with your wedding day. For example, a summer wedding with a fall engagement. The seasonal contrast gives you a nice gallery of different types of images.

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