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Collingwood engagement photography

Blue Mountain pre-wedding engagement photography in Collingwood, Ontario

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that when meeting Jena and Adam on top of Blue Mountain that it was the bold red hair and tattoo sleeves that drew my immediate attention.  However, it didn’t take long before their upbeat, fun-loving personalities completely overshadowed their striking appearance.  These two laughed and fell all over one another high above Blue Mountain Village, which just so happens to be one of the most popular wedding venues in the Collingwood area.

They have a great story, so I’ll zip it and let them tell it to you in their own words…

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Jena: August 27, 2016. My brother was having a birthday party at his home in Angus. I knew it was going to be a overnight considering that I had been living in Toronto, so I had decided to invite a friend my brother and I grew up with who happened to just have a break up. Both her and I decided to make it a girls night, no boys. Just her and I, and of course my dog Theodore. I was not expecting to meet anybody that night, I thought I knew all my brothers friends but I didn’t know Adam.

I walked inside and immediately was drawn to him. We spent the entire night talking, it was as if we had known each other forever. We have been together ever since.

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Adam: August 27th, 2016.  A friend I know had invited me to a party he was throwing for his birthday. I had lots of friends going but I wasn’t really sure if I was up to it (given I was in between flights while travelling for work). I figured I could use a little break, why not? I’d just go for a few hours or so. I got there early, said my hellos and settled in at the island next to a mutual friend.

That’s when I saw her come busting through the door, with Bright red hair, a chunky little odd ball of a dog and an eclectic flair only Jena can pull off.
I turned to my friend beside me and asked (staring at the door way) “who is that?”. It was the birthday boys sister! We hit it off immediately, and the rest is history.

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Jena: I was nervous of where to take Adam to eat, he does body building competitions and eats healthy and I do not. Where do you take a person who doesn’t eat bread? I figured the best option was a Brazilian steak house with all you can eat meat. Apparently I did well, Adam was so excited for the food. He loved it, we go back there at least once a month.

Adam:  I think the memory that stands out the most is seeing her for the first time. She was wearing a pair of camo joggers, and her bright colored hair seemed to be perfectly accented by her brave choice of lipstick. I don’t think I’d ever seen anybody make what would normally be very relaxed, look so well put together or finished.

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Jena: I feel like I always knew. I’ve never had the connection with anyone like I have with Adam. I believe in soul connections; and I believe he is one of mine. After our first date, I went into work the next and told all my friends “I’m going to marry that boy one day”. Less than a year later we were engaged. I still can’t believe I get to marry my best friend.

Adam: I’ve always said that I’ve always loved her, I just didn’t know how to define what I was feeling. We both came to that party feeling quite sour about the opposite sex and yet, the moment she walked through that door it was like a gravity that connected us. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced.  Jena believes that souls transcend human life and in that way we all find our way into multiple lives. I think that lends itself quite well to what I believe.

Which is; all the matter that exists today, existed at the time of the big bang. This is not contestible, it is scientifically proven. I believe that soul mates are made up of particles which existed next to eachother during the big bang. These particles are in a constant state of attraction. Therefore I will always find her, and I will always love her. At least that’s how I like to see it.

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Jena: So, I had no idea. We decided last minute to go up north to my family cottage. When Adam asked me if I wanted to watch the sunrise down by the beach I didn’t think anything of it. I really love the sky and nature and I thought that he was just taking me to do something that I enjoy. When the morning came, I asked him if he wanted to watch the sunset instead because I was so tired. He dragged me out in my pyjamas, and I complained about the mosquitoes when we got outside. There were so many mosquitoes. We got down to the picnic table and sat down to watch what was left of the sunrise. When Adam started talking I got the feeling he was going to, he pulled out the ring and I laughed uncontrollably and asked him if he was really doing this. I thought he was joking, I really had no idea. I’m not good with surprises, I get nervous when things happen when I’m not expecting them. I laughed and said “yea, of course”. I will never forget that feeling, it was the most incredible day spent with the most incredible man.

Adam: Jena and I discussed marriage very early. A love like this doesn’t come along very often and it was inevitable from the start. However, it was very important to me to have both her father’s and brothers blessing. I hadn’t planned on asking as early as I did, but at the time, we were looking at investing in a business together and while I was on a phone call with her father, the topic of setting up the partnership and how a marriage might affect it came up.  At this point we had only been dating for 3 months or so but I told him that Jena and I had discussed it and that having their blessing would mean the world to me. Apparently Tom and Joel had already discussed it and thought I was a good fit for Jena haha.

In any case, we looked at different styles of rings “just in case” and I began looking immediately for the ring. While perusing pinterest I came across a neat gem stone that came from meteorite called “moissanite”. I thought it was a great fit for Jenas personality and eccentricies and showed her. She fell in love and I spent the next 5 or six months working with different jewellers to have the perfect ring made. Eventually I chose to have it hand made and shipped in from the United States as they had the best quality of workmanship and their gems where too notch!

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I got planning on how I was going to do it. I wasn’t in a rush, so I knew I could take my time. But Jena is very particular, in that she doesn’t like the idea of a very public engagement. Jena is a very special woman and I wanted a very special proposal. There were a few opportunities but none that I figured Jena would appreciate haha.

Eventually the right moment came about. Canada Day 150. We had been slotted to make a last minute trip up to the families cottage in the tiny beaches area and Jena and I where slotted to arrive the evening before everybody else did. We got in really late, like 1:30 in the morning and I told Jena that I really wanted to see the sunrise on the beach, which meant leaving the cottage by 5am.

I’m still surprised she didn’t figure it out when I said that, because she’s the early bird of the pair and Its quite abnormal for me to choose of my own free will to get up so early.

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5am and I dragged her down to the beach with both our dogs in tow. I was stressed we were going to miss the sunset as we walked down the road and kept reminding Jena of my burning desire to see the sun come up. When we finally arrived, local fishermen had commandeered the dock we had originally planned on using and we ended up sitting on some boundary rocks at the edge of the parking lot.

Well, there was something I hadn’t planned on… mosquitoes! And lots of them. We moved to try to avoid them but it didn’t really work. We found ourselves sitting at a picnic table and I finally worked it into the conversation. When I asked Jena to marry me she thought I was joking at first, ohhh how she was wrong!

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Jena: There are so many qualities about Adam that I love, it’s really hard to choose one. If I had to choose one, it would be that Adam is so supportive and let’s me be who I am and loves me for it. I have a tendency to be eccentric and eclectic, and Adam lets me be that to the fullest with no apologies. I know that he loves me for me and would never try to change me. He truly is the most genuine and caring person I’ve ever come across in my life.

Adam: Choosing just one thing is rather difficult but if I had to, I would have to say it’s the way she carries herself. Jenas best quality is her easy going nature. Jena is my anchor. When I am stressed about work she helps me find my center. But it’s more than that. Her ability to be true to herself is unmatched, she does what makes her happy regardless of what others might think. Always with brightly colored hair, brash shades of lipstick, blue, green, black and a very eclectic choice of wardrobe. She pulls it all together with a truly feminine and princess esc charm and attraction.

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Jena: Other than seeing Adam all handsome, it would be our families celebrating as one. For all of our loved ones to be in one room celebrating our love for each other is something I’m so thankful for.

Adam: Why the first look of course! Jena is the most stunning woman I’ve ever met, seeing her in her dress and staring down the barrel at the rest of my life is one of the happiest moments I could imagine. Outside of Jena, bringing together all of the people I love. I’ve had the opportunity to get close to Jena’s family and vice versa. Being able to share this day with all of our closest friends is more than I could ask for.

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