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Best Waze to be on time for your Wedding

New Waze to a better commute… I had already mentally poo-poo’d the idea before we even made the first turn from our neighbourhood street – relying on an app to guide us through traffic.  We were on our way to a wedding and my daughter was telling me about a cool app she’d been using called Waze….

Avoid Camera and Lens Fog Up

“Get the fog outta here!” Preventing camera fog-up at your next destination wedding I’ve been travelling south for destination weddings for a few years now and an issue I ran into early on was fog-up.  Here’s the situation… I was prepping my gear for a wedding that day in my icy cold Dominican Republic hotel room.  With everything ready,…

I’m so Busy. I Call Bullshit.

Let’s put our bullshit goggles on the table for a few minutes.  I’ve found the word “busy” gets tossed around like some sort of default status symbol for success. Like somehow the absence of chaotic busyness equates to failure.  Take a moment to think about the last few times you’ve asked someone how they were doing… I’m…