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I’m Hiring! Be an Associate Photographer

Join the team and be an associate wedding photographer! Hey everyone, the time has come!  I’m excited to announce that I’m ready to add to our team and hire an associate wedding photographer (possibly even two). If you have a fun and enthusiastic personality then we need to talk!  The associate role will involve photographing…

Best Waze to be on time for your Wedding

New Waze to a better commute… I had already mentally poo-poo’d the idea before we even made the first turn from our neighbourhood street – relying on an app to guide us through traffic.  We were on our way to a wedding and my daughter was telling me about a cool app she’d been using called Waze….

Avoid Camera and Lens Fog Up

“Get the fog outta here!” Preventing camera fog-up at your next destination wedding I’ve been travelling south for destination weddings for a few years now and an issue I ran into early on was fog-up.  Here’s the situation… I was prepping my gear for a wedding that day in my icy cold Dominican Republic hotel room.  With everything ready,…

I’m so Busy. I Call Bullshit.

Let’s put our bullshit goggles on the table for a few minutes.  I’ve found the word “busy” gets tossed around like some sort of default status symbol for success. Like somehow the absence of chaotic busyness equates to failure.  Take a moment to think about the last few times you’ve asked someone how they were doing… I’m…

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