Hard Rock Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Hard Rock Punta Cana wedding photography

Crazy-fun wedding at the Hard Rock Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

I’m pumped to feature Katie, Tom and Stella’s Hard Rock Punta Cana wedding photos in the Dominican Republic.  Traveling from Canada to the Dominican is a welcome break from the snow. and it’s made even more enjoyable meeting couples from as far away as the United Kingdom and USA.  Katie and Tom are my newest friends from south of the border in the US.

After a brief meeting over breakfast we dove into their trash the dress session that evening – yes, Katie brought an extra dress just so we could trash it!  These two soldiered through bashing waves, champagne in the eye and sand covering every inch of them.  This was also my first  opportunity to meet my new bestie, their daughter Stella.  She’s 5 going on 15 and a real spark plug – I’d party with Stella any day.

Bridal details

How these two met was a hot topic during our time down south.  I had a blast hearing how it all went down and after getting to know them, it’s a fitting beginning to their story. Tom was out celebrating a friend’s birthday and Katie was out with a friend – itching to dance. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world – these two happened to end up at the same Denver bar.

Katie got a little bored so she went off on a quest to find someone with a similar adventurous spirit. “Do you want to have a snowball fight?” Katie asked random strangers. Most gave her looks of disbelief and laughed. Then she asked Tom. Tom looked at this cute, spontaneous little vixen and instantly knew the answer was yes. Thrilled, Katie grabbed him by the hand and they darted through the crowd and went outside.

Bride and Flower Girl Dress photo

Mother and daughter’s dresses on the wedding day

At first Tom felt he had to take it easy on her – until he got pelted with a snowball and he knew the game was on. Katie was ecstatic – this gorgeous guy in a hoodie was willing to play like a kid in the snow. The game went on for quite some time. Snowballs, dancing, laughing… Tom dropped backwards and decided to make a snow angel. Katie sat on him – about to white wash his face, when he looked up at her and said “I think I love you.” She said “I think you’re drunk.” She realizes now that he was on to something.

Little did Tom & Katie know – their friend Leon caught their escapade on video below…

Pro Tip for your Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding Day

Be sure to rent golf carts for the day – one for you two, one for your photographer and more for your bridal party if they’ll be joining you for photos.  The resort is quite large so getting around takes quite a bit of time.  With you and your bridal party all dressed up on your wedding day, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is walking all over this massive resort in the hot sun for your photos.  Plus, it’s just a blast!

Read below to hear more about Katie and Tom’s day in their own words…

Groom getting ready photos

Katie: I was running late and almost cancelled. We met at a bar in the Omni that was close to my work. There was a cool teepee outside where we kissed.
Tom: I kissed her in a teepee! I went to the gym with my friends after and couldn’t shut up about her.

First Look wedding photography

Their first look wedding photos – what a reaction! Well done Tom

First Look wedding photos

Katie: When he fixed my flat tire after doing a yoga class with me – I knew I could count on him for anything.
Tom: The first night I met her I told her I loved her

Hard Rock Puna Cana wedding photographer

Hard Rock Puna Cana wedding photo on the main concourse

Wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana

I tried to take her back to the place we met – but high winds had blown the teepee down. I panicked. I asked Stella what we should do and she said she liked roses. So we went to the store and bought as many as I could. When Katie was sleeping I made a trail of flowers down to the living room and a big heart there. She woke up and came downstairs to the surprise.

Destination Wedding photo

Destination wedding photo on the beach at the Hard Rock Punta Cana

Katie: His patience and kindness. He’s got a big heart.
Tom: How smart and sexy she is… and that she gave me a family.

Beach Wedding Ceremony at Hard Rock Punta Cana

Hard Rock Punta Cana destination wedding ceremony on Bavaro Beach

Destination Wedding beach ceremony

Katie: The night before the wedding Tom planned a special romantic one-on-one dinner that was straight out of The Bachelor. It was during sunset on the beach and there was even a private band. He really went all out! The food was amazing and it gave us time to really connect before our big day. After dinner we went walking on the beach and may have gone swimming in the ocean…
Tom: Everything! Being surrounded by family and friends for a whole week to celebrate our love. I felt like the luckiest man alive.

Beach Wedding Ceremony at Hard Rock

a)  Instead of a rehearsal dinner – plan a fun excursion for you and your guests.
b)  Don’t stress about decor! The hotel had it covered. I am really happy with how it looked. I am so happy we chose a destination wedding.

Bride and Groom photo

Go out of your way to make your wife happy and get her what she wants.

Wedding dress on beach

Rock the Dress photo on the beach

Trash the Dress photo on the beach

Trash the dress photo session on Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Katie picked it.  I liked the Colin Cowie wedding packages. Plus the Hard Rock had something to offer everyone. The food was great, the rooms were nice. All of our guests have told us it was the best vacation – and that is exactly what we were hoping for!

Trash the Dress photo
Bride and Groom in the ocean photo

Steamy rock the dress photo in the ocean at the Hard Rock Punta Cana

Love sign wedding photo

First dance wedding photo

Hard Rock Punta Cana wedding photo

Silhouette destination wedding photo


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