Innisbrook Golf Course Wedding in Barrie

Winter wWedding photo at Innisbrook Golf Club in Barrie

Innisbrook Golf Course winter wedding in Barrie with Ashley and Ben

Jessica and her team at Innisbrook Golf Course in Barrie played host to Ashley and Ben’s beautiful yet chilly winter wedding!

I met Ben last year when he first reached out asking if I was available to shoot his proposal to Ashley.  My introduction to Ashley was that chilly Fall day after she answered with a yes… I had been shooting all around in the open during the moment but of course she hadn’t noticed with the shiny ring in Ben’s hand.  Just afterwards I snuck into the small wooded area to get a different angle and she spotted this creepy guy taking photos of them in the trees. S0 ya, her first impression of me was the super-creepy guy in the bush!

Wedding dresshanging photo

But as always, that’s enough from me – let’s hear Ashley and Ben’s story in their own words below…

Mother helping Bride on wedding day photo

Winter Wedding Bride Prep photo

Ashley: After my car broke down on the hwy one day on my way to work, I was in the market for a new one. Car shopping was when I met Ben (March 2012). He was the first one to approach me when I walked into Barrie Ford…. and truthfully, I think I bought that car to see the cute salesman again, not because I actually preferred the car :)
Ben: We met at the dealership.

Bride on her wedding day photo

Groom and Groomsmen wedding photo

Ashley: I remember everything about it… I was so nervous. I remember sitting with my friend Julia talking about how afraid I was.
We met at Milestones, I was wearing ripped blue jeans and a tan scoop neck sweater. My hair was in loose curls – it was a warm March day. We ate on the patio then went in for a drink once the sun went down. Ben was wearing ripped blue jeans and a button up checkered dress shirt. I remember sitting at the street lights right before turning into that parking lot and Bens white F-150 pulling up beside me, and him looking down at me into my new car… lol. We talked a lot about growing up and silly things we use to do when we were younger, and I remember jumping up on my tippy toes to give him a kiss goodnight at the end of the date :)
Ben: Remember most of the first, both showed up a few minutes late, what I enjoyed the most was the conversation we had over dinner and the love we both have for food.

Groomsmen photo

Ashley:  Besides how cold it was outside… lol. Well there are 2 moments that really stand out to me. First, the 3 letters that Ben wrote and gave to my Maid of Honor (Katie) to give me at special moments the morning of the wedding. They talked about how excited he was to be marrying me, it helped calm me down, made me feel less nervous, and let me know he was ready too :)
Second was the way we kept eye contact with one another during the ceremony. From walking down the aisle, to standing in front of each other we just looked at one another and no one else.
Ben: When I first got to see how beautiful Ashley looked in her dress.

Innisbrook Golf Club wedding ceremony setup photo

Innisbrook Golf Club indoor wedding ceremony setup

Innisbrook Wedding ceremony photo

Innisbrook wedding flowers

Ashley:  Even though he looks tough on the outside, and can definitely play hard ball when stuck in his way, there is no one on this Earth who has shown me as much love and affection as Ben. He is my rock, and my best friend forever and always ♡
Ben: Ashley is the most beautiful person inside and out I’ve ever met. Nothing I want more than to spend the rest of our lives together.

Winter wedding photo at Innisbrook Golf Club

Winter wedding photo at Innisbrook Golf Club in Barrie

Stop and remember the special moments. Take mental pictures of the things you don’t want to forget. And get a journal and write down the things you can remember from the day when it is over. It goes by so quickly, and it only happens once, so slow down and enjoy it. (I have had a pinch me moment a few times….just making sure it was not all a big dream)

A TIP FOR FUTURE GROOMS FROM BEN: Take er easy the night before, slow down at some point and enjoy your friends and family celebrating your wedding day.

Winter wedding dress photo

Wedding first dance at Innisbrook Golf Club photo

First dance wedding photo at Innisbrook Golf Club


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