Jewel Paradise Cove Wedding in Jamaica

Jewel Paradise Cove wedding ceremony location photo

Jewel Paradise Cove plays host to Amy and Frank’s Jamaican destination wedding

I’m back in Jamaica mon!  Amy and Frank brought me along for their destination wedding fun down at Jewel Paradise Cove in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  It’s been a great destination wedding season this year with more trips to Jamaica while also adding 3 new resorts to my portfolio the past few trips.

Amy and Frank’s wedding reinforced a long-held wedding perspective for me. While there have been some rainy weddings in the past, I haven’t experienced rain on this level before.  The day started out bright and sunny as always and right up to the ceremony that afternoon everything was peachy. But within seconds of walking down the aisle the skies opened up and torrential rain beat down on us out on Jewel’s wedding ceremony pier.  I mean heavy-duty rain that didn’t let up for well over an hour.  At first, it felt so unfortunate however, not a single guest budged from their seat the entire time – the show must go on.  With water running down their faces, suits soaked through and makeup running for days… everyone smiled and watched as Amy and Frank gazed at one another and made their promises.

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Following the ceremony, several staff members who had been watching from a distance came up and commented that they had never seen a group stay on the pier when it rained – especially not rain on that level.  It’s a testament to Amy, Frank and their entire crew who wouldn’t let anything get in their way.  Life is a collection of experiences, this was a highlight-top-shelf experience that also provides a kickass story they’ll all get to tell the rest of their lives.

Rainy wedding day photos

Got rain? A little. But a whole lotta happy in that fist pump!

Pro Tip for Jewel Paradise Cove

This place impressed me but not for the reasons I typically talk about. As a photographer, I scout thoroughly around every resort and when I get back home make my notes about each one for future reference etc.  Generally, I look for the different photo opportunities with the beach, gardens, architecture and lighting at each at different times of the day. Jewel is a beautiful resort and rivals most I’ve been to visually – however on my daily video-calls back home to my wife I couldn’t help but constantly bring up the level of service.  Most resorts are great service-wise, however these guys take it to an entirely new level. The staff are personable and attentive at every turn… and not the its-my-job-so-I’ll-smile type service.  Every interaction felt genuine – while I’ve never been disappointed by resort service over the years – I’ve never had one that moved me enough to comment.  So future travelers looking for a great service experience in Jamaica, Jewel Paradise Cove should be high on your list!

Read on to hear Amy and Frank’s story in their own words…

Groom getting ready at Jewel Paradise Cove room


Frank and I did the same two degrees at University just two years apart but we actually met a few years after I graduated at a Hey Rosetta concert.

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Amy: We were friends for a while before we officially started dating so it’s hard to pinpoint a true “first date” I remember going to Jungle Jim’s for lunch one day and thinking, “Wow, I might actually like this guy”. As soon as lunch was over he explained that he had to take me straight home so he could get to his baseball game on time. I guess I should have known then that our relationship would always be squeezed in between sports…just kidding (sort of)!

Frank: Honestly the main thing I remember from our first date is thinking about how much I loved Amy’s laugh and that she had the most beautiful eyes.

Bride putting on wedding dress

Cold spoon wedding dress trick photo

Cold spoon wedding dress trick – I wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it.


Every year on our anniversary, in November, Frank and I would go to the Keg for supper and then stay at the Spa at the Monastery here in St. John’s. On our 4th anniversary after we had supper Frankie suggested we go for a walk through Bowring Park, where we had gone on one of our first dates. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, it was cold and I was wearing heels but he was adamant so I gave in.

When we got to the park the Christmas lights were on and it was so beautiful. I continued to complain about my shoes and refused to go very far. Finally he gave in and we took a seat by the pond. We were watching the ducks and then all of a sudden he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. I was so taken by surprise that I didn’t even let him finish his question before I was jumping into his arms.

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My family is from Nova Scotia and Frank’s family is from Newfoundland. Trying to decide on where to have the wedding was difficult and when we thought of a destination wedding it seemed like the perfect fit. We had gone to an all-inclusive the year before and absolutely loved how relaxing it was.

Going down south meant that we would get to spend a full week celebrating with our friends and family, what could be better!

We had a fantastic travel agent who gave us a variety of resorts to choose from. We fell in love with the Jewel Resorts and decided on Paradise Cove because of the included excursions and golfing.

Jewel Paradise Cove Runaway Bay wedding photos


We both loved the intimacy of our wedding. Having just our closest friends and family with us for the wedding and the entire week made it feel so special for us.

Bride walking aisle at Jewel Paradise Cove Pier photo

Amy: At the time getting caught in the torrential rain was pretty disappointing. When I think back on it now I think it’s one of the things I loved most. Frank really kept my spirits up and was able to help me see the bright side of everything, we were able to look at each other and laugh as we looked out at our soaking wet guests.

Also, the memories of my bridesmaids and I drying my wedding dress with hair dryers is something we will all look back on and laugh about. Everyone came together to help me redo my hair and makeup and to make sure the day continued on as quickly as possible.

Frank: The entire day was pretty memorable for me. I would have to say the best part was the reception and the beer pong tournament after. I could sense the rain was a bit stressful and disappointing for Amy so it was nice when we were able to just sit back and enjoy the reception with our friends and family.

Jewel Paradise Cove wedding ceremony location photo


Amy: I love Frank for his sense of humour, his kind heart and his ability to help me calm down when I am feeling overwhelmed. There are no back doors with Frankie, he is genuine, loving and always means what he says.

Frank: I love Amy because she is truly a kind spirit, she is always willing to help others and has a good heart. She makes me laugh everyday and is the person I love spending time with the most.

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Relax! No matter what happens on your wedding day the most important thing is that you’re marrying the love of your life surrounded by people who love you.

Jewel Paradise Cove Runaway Bay wedding photos


If you are getting married outside always have a plan B. But most importantly, do everything you can to make sure your bride has the day of her dreams.


For anyone considering a destination wedding we would say go for it! Having an entire week with your loved ones is an experience you won’t get to have very often in your life.

If you go to Jamaica, do the CHUKKA catamaran tour to Dunn’s River Falls. This was one of the highlights of our trip!

We loved Jewel Paradise Cove. It was a beautiful, very clean resort with excellent staff! We loved that the resort was small because is made it easy to find our friends and family throughout the week. It didn’t have a whole lot in the way of nightlife but because we went as a group we were able to make our own fun! Also, the water slide was a huge hit with our group!

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