Kawarthas Engagement Photos in Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Cottage Engagement Photos Kawarthas

A roadie deep into the Kawarthas for Natalie and Kent’s cottage engagement photos near Bobcaygeon, Ontario

I’d been looking to photographing these two physical education teachers since I met them the first time back in the winter. You just know when you hit it off with people – this was going to be kickass wedding without questions.  But first things first – time to head out to their family cottage outside Bobcaygeon in the Kawarthas.  It’s the location of so many great family memories for them including the famous couch where Kent popped the question.

It was also a first for me, tagging along would be my new Assistant Josh who recently approached me looking to learn the ropes and improve his photography.  He did great, I even put a camera in his hands for a bit to try out a few ideas.  For me, it’s amazing I hadn’t brought an assistant along all this time… it’s going to be great having Josh along at future shoots.

Their fall Waterstone Estates wedding this year proves to be a killer follow-up act to this engagement session. The trick I’ve learned with these two is quite complicated… just let them go.  I don’t think we went more than 30 seconds at a time without busting into laughter!

Romantic Kawarthas Engagement Picture
Sunset Engagement Photo Kawarthas
Kawarthas Sunset Engagement Photo

Sunset Silhouette Engagement Photo Kawarthas


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