Majestic Elegance Punta Cana | Brooke + Adam

Brooke and Adam’s beautiful Majestic Elegance destination wedding in sunny Punta Cana

There are fun groups, and then there are fun groups… and then there’s Brooke and Adam’s group of family and friends!  A few overcast Punta Cana days didn’t phase their party-on attitudes – and the scene of the crime was none other than the Majestic Elegance, one of my favourites.  From the lush tropical grounds, to the breathtaking sunsets and super-awesome staff – the Majestic does a wedding right.

While I generally don’t travel south this time of year, as it so happened when Brooke first reached out to me at the beginning of the year I had a window in my schedule.  Let’s do it, the Majestic is like a second home and it’s easily one of my favourite places to shoot at.  Plus it’s always great visiting with some of the staff I’ve come to call friends over the years – Mama Juana por favor!

Majestic Elegance Destination Wedding photo

Wedding photo at the front entrance to the Majestic Elegance Resort in Punta Cana

In life you hear stories that make you smile, some that make you tear up and others that simply boggle the mind.  Well I heard one that had all three this trip… a couple years ago Brooke’s sister Brittany was married right next door at the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana.  Sadly, yet happily Brooke became pregnant with their son Paxton so she wasn’t able to fly down for Brittany’s wedding.  Fast forward to this year and Brooke is busy planning her own destination wedding when the happy news breaks that now Brittany is pregnant.  She won’t be able to attend Brooke’s wedding.  Say what?!  Wow.  But ever the loving sister, and as it turns out – talented videographer – Brittany set out to make sure she could still play a key role in her sister’s day.  Putting her talents to work, she created the following ‘Love Story” video below.  Not stopping there, she also put together a wedding day slideshow complete with voice over that she sent down to Punta Cana for everyone to enjoy at the reception – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

But that’s enough from me, let’s hear from the Majestic King and Queen themselves…

Majestic Elegance Destination Wedding

 My best friend Desiree set us up on a blind date to go play pool at the Sticks Pool Hall.
Adam:  We met on a blind date that Brooke’s best friend Desiree set up.

Bride Wedding Hanger photo

Brooke:  I remember Adam being super shy at first! I don’t really think he thought I was interested in him until I made the first move and kissed him at the end of the night. After that we’ve talked everyday since!
Adam:  I remember I was pretty excited after the night was over and Brooke had kissed me. I did a “happy dance” on the street after she left  haha.

Bride prep photo

Brooke:  I knew when I was supposed to move away for school, and I couldn’t imagine going without him. So he moved 5 hours away from his job, friends and family – and we started a life together in Calgary! He didn’t think twice about leaving it all behind to be with me.
Adam:  When my Aunty Flo – who is like a mom to me – didn’t hesitate one bit after meeting Brooke. She fell in love with her just like I had.

Groomsmen photo

Brooke:  We were in Palm Springs at a Motorcoach Resort, on a motor home trip with my parents. He asked me to come dip my feet in the water on the dock with him and look at the waterfalls and mountains. I didn’t want to put my feet in the water at all – and I had absolutely no clue what he was up to. We chatted for a while and then he pulled out the most PERFECT ring from his pocket and blew me away! One of the happiest moments of my life!
Adam:  The proposal was good – it went down in Palm Springs and it was with Brooke’s parents.  I tried to play it smooth and asked her to dip her feet in the water and make it romantic but she said “gross, I’m not putting my feet in the water” …so I just pulled out the ring.

Wedding Hairspray photo

Brooke:  I loved how everything went so smoothly the entire day.  It seemed as if things just fell into place – even as we said our vows, the sun started to shine.  That was kind of a cool moment for me, it was like the start of something amazing!
Adam:  I loved how everything turned out better than I could have even thought possible. Brooke did An amazing job planning. She looked so beautiful and everything was absolutely perfect.

Wedding photography prep - Bride photo

Brooke Skyping with her sister back home.

Brooke:  My first look with my dad was definitely a tear-jerker. It was pretty surreal to us both that I was now a grown woman and officially going to be married in a short while. Nothing beat walking down the aisle to my husband to be. Watching his face light up and thinking to myself, “wow, I’m going to be his wife after all of this” was a pretty powerful moment!  My sister’s video speech and love story she made for us was a tear-jerker, and meant so much to me! It seemed as if she was there with us. And to top the night off, our wedding dance was one of the funnest parties ever! There was never a moment and the dance floor was never empty. Everyone had the time of their lives.
Adam:  The most memorable moment of my day was seeing the person I’ll be with for the rest of my life for the first time that day, I’ll never forget that moment.

Bride walking down aisle Majestic Elegance

Walking down the aisle at the Majestic Elegance beach ceremony

Brooke:  I choose a destination wedding because I knew that one day with our amazing group of guests wasn’t going to be long enough! I wanted to spend an entire week with these people and create lasting memories with them before it was all over.
Adam:  I chose a destination wedding because I was talked into it – but I’m glad I was because it was perfect.

Majestic Elegance Beach Wedding Ceremony

Brooke:  I love how hard working he is. He works so hard to be the provider for our family, and tries to give Paxton and I the best life possible. He always has our best interests in mind …and he’s pretty easy on the eyes too ;)
Adam:  One thing I love about my new bride is the fact that we can laugh and have a good time in any situation we’re in – she is my best friend.

Majestic Elegance Beach Wedding photo

Majestic Colonial Destination Wedding Group photo

Enjoy every moment! Everyone will keep reminding you of this the whole day, but really take time to soak it all in. It goes by in a flash, and then it’s all over. So relax and take it in!

One tip I could give to future grooms is to get Vaughn to take the photos because that guy can take the most amazing pictures, he can prob take a picture of a plain white wall and sell it.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom Wedding photo

Bride and Groom Destination Wedding photo

Destination Wedding Bridesmaids black Dresses

First Dance Wedding photo

Groom Cigar Smoke wedding photo

After a crazy party that raged on late into the night (err early into the morning) Brooke and Adam along with their rough-feelin’ bridal party pulled it together in time to Trash the Dress all along the Bavaro Beach.  Total pros.  The word Trash makes it sound crazier than it is – I haven’t lost a dress yet… but we definitely put it to the test this time :)

Destination Wedding photography Punta Cana

Destination Wedding trash the dress photo Punta Cana

Destination wedding trash the dress session at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Grunge Trash the Dress photo

Bridal Party Trash the Dress photo

Bridal Party Trash the Dress Punta Cana photo

Epic Trash the Dress photo in the ocean



Photography: Obviously you NEED Vaughn Barry, duh!  Simply amazing work – our guests won’t stop talking about him!

Videography:  Happy Camper Films from Kentucky, USA.  Also amazing work done by this power couple. And not to mention some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet!

Hair and Makeup:  If you’re extremely picky like me and my group of girls (who all happen to be in the beauty industry) finding a hair stylist that will impress you is hard to find. Well look no further and get in Krystie Ann Hair and Makeup! She’s amazing at what she does and will make you feel beautiful. Not to mention you can all get ready together in your suite!

Krystie Ann Hair and Makeup and Vaughn Barry Photography

Vaughn and Krystie Ann

Excursions:  If you have a big group of party people, the Pachanga Party Boat is so much fun! Also, ORO nightclub at the Hard Rock Punta Cana is a good time as well.

Majestic Elegance Resort:  Overall all the guests thought the resort was great! They did a great job with all my wedding requests, especially when I like things being organized to the smallest detail!

Vaughn with Bride and Groom


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