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Marriage Proposal in Muskoka

Marriage proposal turns into engagement session in Bracebridge, Ontario

There’s something inspiring about young love – it helps us all remember back to that giddyness we felt when meeting that one true love for the first time.  In Kirsten and Trevor’s case, that young love started way back as kids.  In fact, their parents were best friends before Kirsten was even born.

I’d been speaking with Trevor earlier in the year leading up to the big day – and I remember mentioning to my wife how impressed I was with this young man who had asked me to photograph his marriage proposal up in Muskoka.  Each conversation he was clear in how he wanted to propose and most importantly, how special he wanted Kirsten to feel in the moment.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout Milford Bay Ontario

I met with Trevor’s family before the shoot and they led me up to Huckleberry Rock Lookout in Milford Bay, Ontario.  There they set the scene as per Trevor’s instructions – they had done a dry run earlier in the day so they were on their game – a well oiled marriage proposal prep team. With everything in place, they made their getaway down the opposite side of the mountain before Kirsten and Trevor hiked up our original route.

I settled into my hiding place with cameras poised and then a few hikers wandered into the firing zone – I quickly jumped up and enlisted their services as lookouts.  The look on their face when I jumped out of the bushes was classic, but they were all too happy to assist and pretended to continue their hike all the while watching out for Kirsten and Trevor.  Eventually they gave me the nod and I hunkered down and got my game face on.

I’ll let the photos themselves tell the story of Kirsten’s reaction and share their story in their own words…

Engagement details

Trevor:  We grew up together. Our parents were best friends before Kirsten was even born. We spent summer vacations and holidays together and I was best Friends with her older brother which meant I spent lots of time over at her house.  I was 18 and in my last year of high school and Kirsten was 15 when we found ourselves spending lots of time together from texting after school to eating lunch together and talking in the hallway we became close.

Engagement camera detail

Kirsten:  I had been waiting for Trevor to ask me out since he told me he liked me when we went skating. After a few months He asked me if I wanted to go for coffee with him. I don’t remember what we talked about at all but I remember being so nervous!
Trevor:  Kirsten’s brother convinced her to go skating with us one night after church where I was planning to tell her how I felt about her. I told her how I was “interested” in her as we skated around the rink. But our first date didn’t happen for a few months after that. One Saturday afternoon when I was over at her house her dad told me I could date her. That night I asked her out for coffee and we went to second cup and so began our new season together.

Engagement Album photos

Trevor:  We had been dating for a few years now and Kirsten always dreamed of getting married young. Our families were not only friends but family already. I knew when we first started dating I wanted to marry her. I was just waiting for the right time to ask.  Muskoka had always been a special place for both of us so when I found out I could go up for the week I
knew it would be the perfect time. With help from both my family and hers we started planning the perfect proposal.

Marriage Proposal setup ideas outdoors

Marriage Proposal photo

Bracebridge engagement photos at Huckleberry Rock

Bracebridge engagement photos at Huckleberry Rock

Kirsten:  One thing I love about Trevor is the way he is always trying to grow! He constantly pushes himself to be a better person whether it’s at work, in sports or in our relationship! He has shown me how to put 100% in everything I do!
Trevor:  I love how Kirsten has the best sense of humour when it comes to pretty much anything, she really makes things more fun no matter what it is.

Huckleberry Rock Engagement photo in Muskoka

Tips for Brides from Kirsten – Let him plan it when and how he wants! Don’t try to ruin the surprise! I always thought I wanted to know when he was going to do it but once it happened and I was totally surprised it was such a special moment!

Tips for Grooms from Trevor – After everything is said and done, if you put good thought and effort into planning something that you know is special to you both, she will love it! Make sure to stash the ring good so she doesn’t see it or find it lol

Marriage Proposal at Huckleberry Rock


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