Marriage Proposal at Blue Mountain in Collingwood

Winter Engagement Photo Blue Mountain Resort

Marriage proposal photography on a beautiful winter day at Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood, Ontario

When Ken reached out to me about proposing to his girlfriend Brittany a few weeks ago, he was naturally a little nervous but set on giving her a lasting memory by having the moment photographed.  After some back and forth emails we met up at Blue Mountain Village to talk things through and search out a good location for the proposal.  With any such life changing event, some serious planning had to go into it from timing, to location and communication as well as backup plans.

Engagement photo Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Village engagement photography


Ken was nervous about Brittany finding out with her super-sleuth detective skills so communication was on the James Bond level with him slipping into the Tholo’s restaurant bathroom for update texts. I think the only thing missing were call-signs.  Note to Self:  Assign cool-ass call-signs next time ie. Ghost Rider, no Maverick… ya Maverick.  My assistant Josh arrived early and cased the Blue Mountain boardwalk location ahead of time checking available light, camera angles and reviewing our shooting plan.  When Ken’s final game-time text came we took our positions, game on!

Marriage Proposal Ideas Photography

Marriage proposal at Blue Mountain Village near Collingwood, Ontario

Tips for planning your marriage proposal

For those of you planning your own proposal, here’s how we came to select the location we did up at Blue.  First, lighting! The most important technical ingredient in any great photograph is great light.  Since Ken was planning on proposing after dinner when the sun would be nearly gone, we had to find an open area where we could maximize the light available. So we selected the boardwalk along the opening around the Blue Mountain Village pond under a lamp post.  The lamp post played two roles, first was secondary lighting should it be too dark and it was also the “X marks the spot” where the question would be popped.  The other main consideration was foot traffic.  Blue is a very popular tourist attraction so we wanted as private a spot amid the traffic as we could find while still keeping a scene worthy of the moment.  We followed the boardwalk around until a piece broke off in it’s own direction leaving us ideal privacy while still giving us a spectacular view of the surroundings.

As far marriage proposal ideas go, I think photographing them should be right at the top of the list just below the “how” you plan on doing it.  I say it all the time, life is worth remembering… how do you want to remember it?

Congratulations Brittany and Ken and thank you so much for allowing us to tag along!

Engagement photography Blue Mountain Resort

Engaged at Blue Mountain near Collingwood, OntarioPop the Question photo
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