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Marriage Proposal Photography ideas

Marriage proposal ideas – are you ready to pop the question fellas? It’s worth remembering – how do you want her to remember it?

When it’s the right time to ask the big question, have a professional photographer on hand to capture the historic moment.  Guys, we have a hard enough time coming up with just the right engagement proposal idea, saving up for and picking out the ring and managing the overwhelming nerves… all while keeping the secret from everyone close to you.  I’m your sounding board as well as your photographer, we’ll get together and talk it through whether you have it all mapped out or need some holes filled.


The key for capturing your marriage proposal from a photography standpoint is blending in, not standing out.  Even if I’m seen… I’m not really noticed.  Make sense?  I can pretend to be taking photos of other things in the area or even have my wife tag along and pretend to be photographing her all the while I’m really telling your engagement proposal story over her shoulder.  Once the proposal itself begins, her focus is nowhere else but the ring and I can move around freely to capture it all.

Here are a few examples:  Ken proposes to Brittany  |  Ben proposes to Ashley  |  Gordon proposes to Jackie 

After enjoying a few moments of being a newly engaged couple I’ll join you for a brief “Just-Engaged” photo session that you can share with everyone as you spread the awesome news!  Another option is her not knowing I was even there and that the photos were taken.  Then you can use the images as a framed artwork piece as a surprise gift to her on your wedding day – a sure fire tear-jerker idea fellas!  Your marriage proposal photos are your return ticket to that milestone in your lives.


Pricing is $350 which includes the prep work meeting, coverage of the proposal and all the full-resolution digital images.  More elaborate proposals may have an additional cost.  Bonus: It’s not necessary to book me as your wedding photographer however if you do then I’ll credit you the cost of your proposal session for your wedding.


Naturally, every marriage proposal is unique so we’ll get together to work out the game plan based on your vision.  And no worries if you need some help realizing that vision, I’ve got your back!  

Contact me we can make a plan to get together over coffee and chat about the big moment! 

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