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Winter marriage proposal photos, Gordon goes all out to ask Jackie to be his marry him

A chilly November afternoon set the stage for a momentous stage in Jackie and Gordon’s lives – and I was along to capture their engagement proposal.  A few weeks earlier Gordon had contacted about wanting to propose to Jackie and have it photographed.  Some romantic marriage proposal photography?  Heck yes!  Inspired, we immediately got down to work working on Gordon’s plan which by the way, was amazing – well done dude!  Complete with a portable generator, Christmas lights strung between trees, chandelier, champagne and vintage bench – he was well on his way to marriage proposal stardom!  As a husband and father of a little girl myself, it was great to see the thought he put into this moment.

My daughter came along to shoot with me which is always awesome, getting there ahead of time we noticed there was nowhere to hide.  All the leaves on the trees were gone and the woods had been thinned out dramatically.  Our only option was to become trolls and hide under a teeny-tiny bridge and wait for the future fiancees to arrive.  Eventually they did end up walking right over our heads on route to Gordon’s stage.  Chilly, snowy and mud-covered we rolled out from under the bridge and kept low capturing the entire romantic moment… well worth the effort!  I’ve included a couple shots of us muddy trolls below, f#$# photography is glamorous ehh?!!

Congratulations Jackie and Gordon!!

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Neither cold, nor snow, nor mud… photography’s so glamorous!