Marriage Proposal Photo Ideas


Relive and share the moment with photos of your engagement proposal


The marriage proposal is a huge step in a your relationship. A great way to relive and share this milestone is to have it photographed... secretly or at least on the down-low! What if you were able to show your future kids how it all went down?

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Tips For Having Your Proposal Photographed


  • Selecting the right photographer. Do your homework, read reviews, make sure they have a great track record and experience. You don't need the most creative photographer, You need the most reliable one.
  • Ask your photographer their opinion about your plan (location, timing, how you plan to do it). An experienced photographer will be able to give you valuable feedback.
  • Lighting. In terms of the proposal photo quality - lighting is always the first thing to consider. Late afternoon, a couple hours before sunset is ideal. The lighting is soft and flattering. If you have to pop the question in the daytime with full sun, be sure to find a shady location for optimal light.
  • Your reactions. Know where your photographer is and before you take a knee make sure the photographer can see each of your faces, at minimum your partner's face.

Always remember though, this is your proposal and your special moment... a professional photographer will work around your vision. Don't let the photo override the moment.

The Next Steps


  1. Contact me with some basic details about your plan.
  2. We’ll set up a video chat to discuss things a little more.
  3. On the big day I’ll secretly take candid photos from a distance as the proposal goes down.
  4. Then once you’ve had a few moments to enjoy yourselves, I’ll pop out and we'll take a few more photos. Then you're off to celebrate and share the great news!


Engagement Ring Proposal

Proposal Photo Package


  • 45 Minute Coverage
    I arrive 15 minutes before you and make sure I'm in place. Then 30 minutes for the proposal as well as a few more photos after the big moment.
  • Photo Gallery
    All high-resolution, digital photos in your own Gallery to share, download etc.
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
    I'll provide feedback and assist in the planning.
  • Travel outside of Orillia, Ontario is additional $60/hr



Note: If you end up booking me for your wedding, I'll credit your local wedding package for the $350 proposal fee.

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