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It’s that time of year for many of us to look back on all those failed new year’s resolutions and vow to stick to our guns this time. Having failed in past with resolutions doesn’t make them any less a worthwhile goal. Here are two habits I want to bake into my days for 2017.


While it started to creep into my consciousness the past couple of years – all the extra ‘stuff’ we had taking up space in our home has been leaving me a little anxious.  But I still wasn’t able to put that anxiousness into words. Then out of the blue I was surfing Netflix one evening and came across the Minimalism documentary by the Minimalists duo.  These guys put that anxiousness into words for me.

My first resolution for this year is to declutter our home – at least my contributions to the clutter. I’ve already gone my closet and bagged up 3 large garbage bags whose next stop will be a local donation box. Next on the list are my stacks of dvds and wall of books that will soon be on their way to our local library.

As a photographer, I naturally have a lot of gear and I’m continually looking for ways to travel lighter and quicker at weddings. I’ve started to set aside gear that rarely gets used and will post it on some online photography groups, Kijiji etc.  Bye, bye stuff.


I’ve dabbled with meditation this past year however it hasn’t taken as a daily habit just yet. I realized that each time I meditated it had a profound effect on my mental state for that day.  Just 10 minutes each day had such an impact.  If you’re thinking about trying it yourself, I recommend checking out the Headspace app. It’s a wonderful guided meditation app that’s first 10 sessions are completely free.

So there are the two resolutions I’ve committed to improving for 2017.  What’s on our list?
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