NewRoads Photography for Beginners


Photography for Beginners Class – NewRoads Autotmotive Group

Let’s talk photos!  I love to nerd-out on anything to do with photography so this is going to be awesome talking shop with you guys.  Whether you’re looking to take better photos of your kids, landscapes or up-ing your ‘Gram game (I’m looking at you Johnny-O) this is the spot.  While I recommend having one with you – a camera is not required, your phone will be fine for most of what we’ll be discussing.

After each class there will be a photo-challenge to complete before the next class.  Check back on this page to see the photos we take!

Course Outline:

1. Light – Jan 20th
In photography, everything starts with light so it makes sense to start here.

2. Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO – Jan 27th
Buckle-up, this is where you learn to drive. Your camera doesn’t care what you’re trying to shoot, it only sees light. We’ll talk about the 3 ways you can take control of what it sees.

3. Composition – Feb 3rd
Time to move the pieces around on the board and make your images more compelling.

4. Creative Techniques – Feb 10th
Mini-critique of a few of your photos to start then dive in to review and expand on the previous 3 weeks with some creative techniques.

5. Editing – Feb 17th
We’ll get an introduction to Adobe Lightroom and talk about about bringing your photos to a new level through editing.

6. Live Critique + Questions – Feb 24th
Everyone submits a photo they’ve taken over the past month for critique.


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