Do I provide my original RAW files to Clients?

Do I provide original RAW files to Clients?

Can I give my clients the RAW files from shoots?

Quick answer – no – I do not deliver raw files to clients.

99% of my clients don’t know what a raw file is however it may feel like a question that needs to be asked. Or perhaps, they may feel that the original raw files that my cameras produce are of higher quality than the end product (JPG).

The truth is, a raw file is not a usable image.  It’s a large file that requires edit and conversion before it can be viewed on standard devices as well printed.  While they’re not usable as a finished image product, raw files are preferred by many photographers due to their impressive capacity for colour and dynamic range capability.

As an artist, I make sure every product that leaves my studio is representative of my brand. Raw files are just the starting point to the final image.


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