Orillia Engagement Photo Session

Orillia engagement photographer

Down home engagement photography on the farm in Orillia, Ontario

I met Brandice and Richard a couple years back when I shot her sister Brenay’s wedding out near Horseshoe Valley. I certainly remembered them from the bridal party and maybe for the big ole black eye Richard was sporting for the wedding. Poor guy had to listen to it back then and now I’m bringing it back up now, sorry dude.

Orillia Farm engagement photography

Josh and I arrived at their family farm and quickly learned that as far as we could see was available to shoot in – say what?! This is one ha-uge slice of land. Horses, fields and forests… booyaa!  Read on to hear their story and see what we were up to…

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Brandice: I got a call from my sister one night asking me if I wanted to come over for a Bon fire, I said sure! So about half hour later I got there and my sister and now brother-in-law were sitting at the fire… I pulled up a chair and asked if I was the only one coming and Jesse (my brother-in-law) said my buddy Wilson is coming in a bit. So we just carried on with our night and sure enough about 45mins later “Wilson” drove up in a red Dodge pickup truck and drove right up to the fire, parked and got out – my mouth dropped!! I was thinking damn what a handsome man! He walked up and we were introduced – they said to me, this is Wilson and that’s how I knew him. Throughout the evening we had small conversations.

Well, just about every Friday night after that I think I asked my sister if she was having a fire and if “Wilson” was going to be there lol.  Every Friday night we would talk more and more… one of the Friday’s we both left at the same time – I remember looking in my rear view mirror seeing him turn onto a side road and thought jeez, I should really get his number. Brakes on – I pulled over but I was to nervous to follow him. So after that night I thought day in and day out about “Wilson” but I didn’t see him to much after that. Finally one day I woke up and was bound and determined to get his number and remembered my mom had it from a while back and got it. So I messaged him and finally found out that “Wilson” was his last name and Richard was his first name lol  The rest is history!

Farm e-session photography

Our first date was unique! We were supposed to go out but he ended up having to work so he asked me if I wanted to come for the ride – I said sure.  So we met at “our spot” and off we went in a transport truck to deliver hay.  Not a usual date but to me it was perfect we chatted and got to know more about each other.

Tall grass engagement photo

Brandice: I knew he was the one when he first met my two kids from a previous relationship. He was amazing with them… he had never been around kids much but he was a natural! Seeing him with them just melted my heart.
Richard:  When I first met Brandice.

Orillia engagement photography

The proposal! The day before he proposed my sister got married and told me all night, “Brandice don’t drink to much because we are going for a walk in the morning.” Well if you know Richard when he says he wants to go for a nice walk it doesn’t happen or it’s like a 6 min walk. So the next day came and he said, “Okay let’s get ready and get going.” So we packed up our 6 month old son and headed for this walk. We get to this huge hill and all I was thinking was I have to push this stroller up that hill?? So we were walking and walking and I said to him you’re not talking very much and he said, “Oh just a little tired, did you want to turn around it’s just up there – it’s a really nice look out spot that you can see for miles.” Well let’s go and see the scenery.

We finally got there and it was beautiful – it was fall and the leaves were changing. We stood there looking around not saying anything and our son was getting a little fussy so I said we should start heading back. So I turned around and started walking and he said hold on – I turned around and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so in shock. I was crying and just kept saying oh my gosh and he put the ring on my finger and got up and said, “So is that a yes?” And I said yes!!!

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Brandice:  What I love about Richard is I can be myself – I don’t have to worry about being something I’m not. He brings out the best in me!
Richard: The one thing I love about Brandice is her personality.

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We are looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends. And everyone enjoying all the hard work everyone has put into our day to make it special!

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Orillia Engagement Photography
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Orillia Engagement Photography
Down home engagement photography on the farm in Orillia, Ontario!
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