Behind every dream wedding is a team of wedding vendors who brought all the individual parts together.

Great vendors are easy to communicate with, transparent, experienced, talented, and fun to work with.  They work with you to help bring your vision to life and then work behind the scenes on your wedding day ensuring everything runs smooth. This allows you and your guests to focus on what you're there for... getting married!

Planners / Designers

Planning teams typically offer full-service planning, event design, à la carte planning, day-of coordinating, or a mixture of those services. They can be an invaluable resource by easing any stress with both planning and making sure your day runs smooth.

Hair & Makeup

These artists are the unsung heroes at every wedding. And it's super important to choose teams who are used to working under pressure with a wide variety of needs and complexions. And get everything done on time. Give these artists a call and see if they're the right fit for you.

Jake MacArthur
Wedding Florist
Ryan Buan


Your officiant will lead your wedding ceremony so be choosy! Whether you choose a friend or hire a professional, that individual must be legally recognized to perform your ceremony in order to make it official. 


The right DJ makes all the difference at your wedding reception. I've personally experienced the following DJ teams doing an amazing job at weddings for my past clients.


Adding a videographer to your team adds to the memories.  From a personal standpoint, since we work so close together - selecting the right videographer is critical to ensuring that I'm able to do my best work as your photographer.

  • Ryan Buan, Ivivi Media - I've worked with Ryan many times over the past years and he creates wonderful memories.  Better yet, he's a great guy who loves what he does and always has his couples' best interests as his priority.


Couples want beautiful flowers at their wedding. Amazing bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces make for visually stunning weddings. These florists do amazing work, I highly recommend each one of them!

Fitness & Personal Training

This is an unusual referral however I see these fitness questions come up a lot in wedding and bride forums. So here is my recommendation in the Muskoka area for women's fitness.

  • Angie Barry, AB Fit Life  Full disclosure, Angie owns the business and she happens to be my amazing wife :)  

Bridesmaids getting ready