5 Tips for Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Rainy wedding day tips

How to prepare for wedding photos if it rains

Living in Ontario we come to learn that Mother Nature is unpredictable with her weather whims.  Alanis Morissette even tried to guilt her into better behaviour, and yet… rain happens.

Here’s something you may not have expected though, from my own selfish, photography standpoint – those overcast days are wonderful for your photos creating soft, flattering light as well as providing options for some epic images only that kind of weather can provide.

Those cloudy, overcast days bring out epic skies.

When you’re planning your rainy wedding day Plan B, be sure to include umbrellas and rubber boots / hunter boots. Besides the obvious benefit, umbrellas and boots make for fun, whimsical contrasts to a wedding dress and suit. It’s a good idea to have matching umbrellas for your entire bridal party as well.

It’s also a great idea to speak with your wedding venue beforehand to ask about covered areas on their property for rainy day photos.

Drizzling Rain:  The best way we can beat rain on your wedding day is with an upbeat, positive attitude. Your hair stylist will prepare your hair for the rain to ensure everything stays in place. If we’re dealing with rain during photo sessions, we’ll either a) use umbrellas, or b) hold umbrellas while we set up the shots and then hand them off to waiting assistants so you won’t have umbrellas in all your photos.  Rain is unpredictable so we’ll manage this in the moment.

Rain wedding day photos

Destination wedding in Jamaica: Look at how happy they are… it’s all in a positive attitude that your guests will feed off of.

Pouring Rain: If the rain is pouring down then we will need a backup plan. I prefer outdoor locations covered by a roof overhang rather than indoor locations which are ok for a short period of time.  However the natural light of the outdoors is far more flattering.

But always remember, no matter how beautiful your flowers are or how amazing your decor is – your guests will feed off your energy and mood. If the weather makes you frustrated and upset, let it out but don’t let it weigh you down the entire wedding day. Yes it sucks – but the sooner you can move past it, the more fun everyone will have (especially you!).

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