Why Plan a Small Intimate Wedding

Small Intimate Weddings

Small Intimate Weddings in Muskoka

Why Should I Plan a Small Intimate Wedding or as some call them, Micro Weddings?

The terms small wedding, micro wedding or intimate wedding have been gaining in popularity since the world was turned on it’s head in 2022. Couples planning their wedding have been left quarantined in their homes pulling their hair out trying to figure out what to do?!

Many have rescheduled and continue to plan their large wedding with an average guest count of 130 (Source: The Knot, 2019).  However, the past couple of years I’ve been shooting a significant number of elopements in Muskoka.  Elopements are the complete opposite of the traditionally large wedding celebration.  But what if there was a compromise?  A growing trend many couples are embracing due to government restrictions is the small intimate wedding movement.

Small Wedding at Sherwood Inn

At Sherwood Inn

What is an Intimate Wedding?

Intimate weddings generally imply a guest count of under 50 people, and more commonly around 20 people.  They look and feel very similar to a large ‘traditional’ wedding – only scaled down.  You have the same typical wedding features like a venue, photographer, flowers, dinner, decor, dancing as well as all the personal touches you’ve been saving on your Pinterest boards.

The overriding difference – and it’s a BIG one – is the guest count.  You’ll be narrowing it down to your nearest and dearest family and friends which will affect every other decision along the way.  This is one of the key reasons couples choose destination weddings as well.

Small backyard Wedding Muskoka

Backyard Wedding in Muskoka

The Benefits of Small Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are far more personal. With a smaller guest list you’ll have more time to share with those you love most. When you have a large group you feel obligated to make your rounds to say the standard “Hi, thanks so much for coming…” 130 times.  In a small, intimate setting you can dance with each guest, sit with them over a drink sharing embarrassing stories and take in the moment.  With typical wedding days going by in a flash, intimate weddings make it easier to slow down soak it all in fully.

Small Micro Weddings

You’re off the hook!  A lot of couples stress over a bloated guest list.  Letting everyone know you’re planning a small intimate wedding keeps from having hurt feelings by those who don’t get an invite.  And Mom won’t be mad when you say no to inviting her fourth cousin Theodore.  With less external expectations, comes less stress.

Small Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding naturally comes with smaller wedding sizes

Traditional weddings mean big bucks.  You could be on a small budget, or simply looking to explore all your financial options. How much money could be saved by not having to wine and dine all the “Hi, thanks for coming…” guests?  Let’s do the math…
– 10 less people = 1 less table, 10 less meals, 50 less drinks, 10 less chairs, 10 less cupcakes, 10 less late-night snackies etc.
– Now multiply those savings by 90 or 100 people and we’re talking some serious cash.

What do you think could be done with those savings?  Put it towards your first home?  Upgrade your honeymoon plans?  Keep it in the budget and go all-out on a dream wedding with insane decor/florals, dream photographer?  Or tuck it safely away where future-you may have an idea for it.

Fall Wedding Decor

Intimate Small Wedding

Intimate Wedding at Trillium Resort

You can get a little more creative with intimate weddings.  With a smaller group size, it will be much easier to have everyone gather during the week instead of prime-time Saturdays. This will typically save you money as well.  Venues and vendors will have more availability as a result which often also means less $$$!  The top wedding venues and vendors tend to book far in advance, we’re talking 18 – 24 months – couples book that early to secure those venues/vendors for Saturdays.  Having a small group of your closest family and friends allows you the flexibility to choose a weekday and therefore you have an opportunity to secure your dream venue with your favourite vendors.

Small Intimate Wedding Barn

If you’re on the fence, I say go for it!  If you’re planning a small intimate wedding in the Muskoka area, you’re going to want an experienced photographer comfortable with various group sizes and knows the ins and outs of shooting in one of Canada’s most beautiful regions.  I have custom packages available for these types of weddings, Reach Out and see if I have your date available!


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