Annual Summer Cottage Fish Fry

Summer Cottage Fish Fry

Annual cottage fish fry up at the cottage

Have we heard about the ongoing cholesterol problem in the world?  Indeed.  However the annual summer fish fry tradition lives on.  For as many years as I can remember, a group of families get together each summer for a long weekend of suds and fun… and a little fishin’.  Early in the morning the angler-teams consisting of a few Dads and a bunch of sleepy kids jump in the boat and head out on the lake looking for the days catch.

Cottage Open Fire French Fries

Annual fish fry at the cottage

The famous fish fry batter recipe:

– 2 Eggs
– Half-cup of milk
– Salt and Vinegar chips crushed down well

Mix the eggs and milk well.  Crush down the salt and vinegar chips into very tiny crumbs.  Tip: Keep the chips in the bag but make a tiny hole in the bag to allow air to escape… now crush away!

Now take your well cleaned fish portions and dip each piece in the egg/milk mixture then roll each piece in the salt and vinegar chip crumbs.  Easy peasy.

That’s really all there is to it, but keep a close eye on the pan… don’t let ’em get too crispy – just a nice golden brown.  And the perfect desert?  Homemade ice cream of course… check out our hand-cranked old fashion ice cream set up…

Pro Tip:  Don’t dispose of the fish guts anywhere near the cottage.  We run ours well across the lake where no other camps/cottage exist – a nice perk of being the only cottages on the lake :)

Summer Fish Fry photos


Fresh Fish Cookout photo

Cottage Fish Fry cookout

Summer Cottage Fish Fry

Cottage Sunset Summer

Summer Cottage at Night


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