Married at Northbrook Farm | Amber + Alex


Amber and Alex say their I Dos at beautiful Northbrook Farm in Severn, Ontario

The story of how Amber and Alex came to be Mr and Mrs is the stuff they write stories about.  From the way they met, to the journey their relationship took to get to their summer wedding at Northbrook Farm.  I’m certainly no wordsmith so I’ll stick to the photos and let them tell their story in their own words…


Although we had been going to the same church for a few years. We never really spoke until we became ‘appointed dance partners’ at a youth mission trip fundraiser.  After that we continued building a friendship during the time we spent serving as leaders on a mission trip in California.

At the airport on the way home from that trip we exchanged numbers and began getting to know each other.   We stopped talking for a bit when I (Amber) went back to school, but on Christmas break, we picked up where we had left off and started to forge a deeper friendship.  As the friendship continued to grow, Alex took initiative to ask me on an official date. It is noteworthy that he did this the day before he was leaving for a 3 month trip to California.

Three months and after a few dates later – we decided to make our relationship official!  It wasn’t long before we were apart again, I stayed at home while Alex went back to work in California. Time that we then realized God was using to prepare us for the 8 months we’d be apart when Alex traveled out west for school. Though our physical separation was difficult it was also a season of soul searching that ultimately convinced us of a future together.

On Saturday, July 18th 2020, Alex got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The rest is history.


AMBER: Our first date was about a week after Alex got back from a 3 month trip to California. We went out to breakfast which allowed us to catch up on everything that had happened over our summers. After breakfast we went to see a movie. I forget which, but we talked for so long after it ended that the credits finished and the previews for the next movie had started.  Two dates later we make our relationship official.

ALEX: Well I didn’t official know that our first date was a date, I guess I didn’t quite understand the definition of dating at the time. So to me our first date was actually our 3rd. On a Sunday after church Amber and I went for a walk through a local arboretum, I remember I just got these brand new white Converses in California that I really didn’t want to get dirty.  I think I reminded Amber about it every 15 minutes. When we arrived at the trail it was wet and muddy and I didn’t have any other shoes.  I really wanted to go on a walk with this girl so away we went, walking through the mud, trying to avoid puddles – it really didn’t matter, the shoes were now dirty.

Anyways we walked down to a creek – more mud – and proceeded to climb up a tree, more dirt. When we were in the tree I remember being super nervous, as I know I wanted to ask her where things stood between us, but anxiously I just leaned in for a kiss, and she kissed me back – the rest is history. All that dirt and mud are now special reminders.

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AMBER: 3 months into our relationship. We were at my family cottage for a weekend to celebrate Christmas. I am very close with my family and Alex was the first guy I introduced them all to so I was a little nervous. He got along so well with all of my family members, and they all seemed to really like him. Specifically, I remember the Sunday morning before we left – we were sitting at the dining room table with my youngest cousin. Alex was helping her make rice out of play dough so that she could serve our family sushi rolls. I think he made about 100 little pieces of rice for her, only to watch her squish them all together again. I think that was the moment I knew.

ALEX: There’s two moments that come to mind, the first is before we even started dating – it was when I went to visit Amber at school in Hamilton. I offered to make dinner for her and her roommates, and Amber helped me cook. We made a roast and potatoes with carrots & green beans on the side. I just remember enjoying being in the same space as her and having fun cooking and laughing. I think that was a moment that I knew this could be the woman I want to spend my life with, and if it is I want to show her love every step of the way.

The other is a little more vague, but every time I saw Amber interact with children it helped me to see how big and genuine her heart was. Seeing the kids light up talking to her at church and how excited they were to talk to an adult that listened to them. I knew in these moment that this is the women I want to marry – and have children with one day.


The night before Alex got down on one knee we both had a few friends over for dinner at my house. After they left I made my way to my room to get ready for bed. I found a dress, a present, and a card waiting for me on my bed. The note told me to be ready to leave the next morning wearing the dress and that I could not open the present yet. The next morning Alex picked me up with a plan for the entire day including different activities and visiting different places that held special meaning to us. We went to the spot we first made our relationship official, we stopped at our favourite places to eat, and did some of our favourite things. The whole day I had to carry around this mysterious present.

For dinner we picked up our favourite pasta and took it back to Alex’s backyard. The whole backyard was decorated with fairy lights, photos of us, flowers, and candles. It was a beautiful spot to eat dinner together. After dinner I was finally able to open the gift I’ve been carrying around all day. I opened it up to find a small remote inside. Alex told me that I had to go up to this big tree he has in his backyard and press the on button. When I did the tree lit up with our initials in a big heart. As I turned around Alex was on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We spent some time with just the two of us before our families (who had been having dinner together not too far away) joined us for cake and champagne. It was a perfect day!


AMBER: I feel like Alex is constantly challenging me to become a better version of myself. He helps me to become more confident in myself, pushes me to seek new opportunities, and wants to see me succeed. I guess I love that I know he is someone I can continuously grow with.

ALEX: One thing I love about Amber – and there are many – is how silly and funny she is.  I feel like I get to see a side of her that only I know, she is so witty and cute and she makes me laugh so much. The two things I love to do the most with her is laugh and talk about God. When Amber laughs and smiles, she brings me absolute joy. Because of this she never fails to cheer me up when I’m sad or anxious about anything.


AMBER: I think one of my favourite parts about our wedding was the opportunity to see so many of our loved ones together in one place at one time. Our wedding happened the day after COVID restrictions opened up enough to allow for our full guest list. Some of our guests we hadn’t seen since before COVID. We just felt so surrounded by love and joy. It was an amazing feeling.

ALEX: The most memorable moments from our wedding would be my beautiful bride waking down the aisle, I was so incredibly happy.  I was nervous that I wasn’t going to cry for some reason, but I was a living waterfall. Seeing her walk down just brought with it so many positive emotions – mainly that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Another moment was our first dance, we talked the entire time about when I should spin or dip her, it was all spontaneous and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it – it was a special moment for me I’ll never forget. And lastly was sitting at the head table just Amber and I and seeing the joy in the room, we were just so honoured and blessed that we were able to share this day with so many people we loved and cared for, and that God just filled the space with love. We constantly heard from friends and family that they just felt so much love that night – we couldn’t have asked for anything more than that.


Do not feel pressured to have every single one of your friends in your bridal party. Choose the people who truly love you and are happy for you – regardless if they’re asked to be a bridesmaid or not. Do not ask people just because you think you should, ask them because you want too.


When you hear your family and friends say how fast the day goes by… believe them!  Take in every single moment and slow yourself down whenever you get a chance.  Admire what it is you are taking part in and sharing with your loved ones, because it goes by in an instant. Try not to let a moment go by without appreciating the day.


Both of us love spending time outdoors so we knew we wanted to have a venue that was outdoors. We looked at a few but they didn’t quite fit for us. My mother was the one who actually found Northbrook. She showed us the photos and we decided it was worth checking out. The minute we got there we fell in love. The beautiful greenery, arches, flowers and pond made the whole place seem like a magical fairy tale. Laurie showed us around and was so incredibly kind. Both Laurie and Chris were amazing to us – their patience, kindness and helpfulness were huge factors in what made us decide to book with them. We 100% recommend Northbrook to any future couples looking for a wedding venue – you truly can’t go wrong here!



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