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LGBT Tangle Creek Golf Club Wedding photography

Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club wedding in Barrie, Ontario

Their Tangle Creek wedding day had finally arrived… I’d been looking forward to it ever since Jesse and Justin’s engagement session in Orillia last fall.  I’ve had such a great time getting to know them both back then as well as leading up to the wedding – it was a no-brainer that this was going to be a crazy-fun day.  They did not disappoint.

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Still one of the funniest things I’ve heard during wedding party gift exchange was when Jesse and Justin were handing out their gifts.  With all the gifts sitting on the table, one clearly stood out.  Everyone was secretly glancing at the stack of envelopes and the one large gift bag made out to “Jenna” beside them.  While Jesse and Justin were handing out all of the envelopes Jenna looked especially excited.  As she read the card  she and Jesse both burst out laughing… turns out she got essentially the same gift as everyone else only in a large bag.  The card read, “Bitch, you thought you were special?”

Wedding Party Gifts

This moment sums up the entire day – Jesse and Justin have an amazing group of family and friends!  My assistant Abby and I were cracking up the entire day!

Enough from me, let’s dive into the day…

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Tangle Creek golf and country club wedding
Here come the grooms sign

Groom and Groom
LGBT wedding photo in Barrie
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Jesse:How does one choose? Haha. So many moments stand out from our big day. In the morning when we were all getting ready, my aunt knocked on the door and said “Can I come in and cry?” and she did just that. She came in, hugged Justin and I, told everyone they looked amazing and left all while crying. Simply one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen. Seeing the ballroom set up and seeing everything we had planned for 2 years come together was simply breathtaking. Since we invited all of our nieces and nephews to be in our wedding party, they stole the show, which is what we wanted. Each of them had their own moments that made my heart explode. I’ll never forget their smiling faces and excitement to be part of the day. From the one on one conversations with our wedding party in the morning while getting ready, the moment we said our vows, our dance with our moms, the speeches (which brought the house down) to partying the night away, it was just truly the perfect day. But the one that takes the cake, was hearing that music start, Justin grabbing my hand and turning the corner to walk down the aisle and get married. There are no words for that feeling.

Justin: Just like Jesse said, how does one choose? The ceremony really stands out to me. While waiting for the ceremony to happen, I loved just chatting with both sets of parents, and then the music started and it was really happening. Seeing the groomswomen lined up along the top of the hill, watching the kids get into their places. As one of our youngest nephews who was “ring security” walked up the little hill just before he went out of sight, he looked over and said “Bye Justin, Bye Jesse” and gave us a little wave… if that doesn’t melt your heart before the big moment, I don’t know what will. I’ll always remember walking down the isle hand-in-hand with Jesse and seeing all of the smiling faces of our family and friends.

Wedding Party Bridesmaids
Wedding Party Groomsmen


Jesse: He’ll do.

Justin: He’s alright.


Take some time between the ceremony and reception to absorb the fact that you got married. So much planning and focus goes into the reception (as it should) but its important to take some private time, even if its 5 minutes, for just you two to revel in the fact that you had a beautiful ceremony and opened this next chapter in your lives together.

LGBT wedding photo


Surround yourself with vendors that are just as excited about your wedding as you are. We were so lucky to have amazing vendors who helped work with us to bring our vision to life. We loved collaborating with all of them. Go with you gut!

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Initially we were browsing their website during our location scouting and loved their options and photos. We decided to take our own unofficial tour and creepily just wandered the ceremony site and ballroom one afternoon.

From the second we saw the gazebo and ceremony site we pictured all of our ideas in that space. We even stood at the gazebo and held hands just for giggles. We looked out at the rolling hills behind the ceremony site and could immediately imagined our friends and family sitting there enjoying in our moment with us. We just knew we’d get married there. We then set up a proper tour and sit down with the staff at Tangle Creek and booked with them while driving home from said meeting. Their friendliness, attention to detail, patience, organization, execution of everything from our inspiration to the food, were purely outstanding. Shout out to Christina and her team, the ones responsible for bringing exceptional life to our special day, truly unbelievable.

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Venue: Tangle Creek Golf & Country Club
Flowers: 19 Melrose Flower Studio
DJ: Step by Step Pro DJ
Officiant: Kathi Kelly
Hair: Finishing Touches
Photography: Vaughn Barry Photography

LGBT wedding photography Barrie