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Trash the Dress Photography

Should I do Trash the Dress pictures shoot for my destination wedding?

Trash the Dress (TTD) sessions are a crazy-fun, creative and romantic way to cap off an amazing destination wedding – or local wedding for that matter.  The term “Trash” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when Brides hear it for the first time – where others jump at the thought of such an adventure!

Do Brides wear their actual wedding dress?

Yep, most Brides wear their wedding dress while some opt for a second, less expensive wedding dress. Another option is to bring another style of dress completely, like a more colourful dress to create some contrast with the environment ie. bold red against the water, sand, trees etc.

Rock the dress on a beach

Does the wedding dress actually get “trashed”

I get this question all the time!  Since most destination wedding trash the dress sessions take place on a beach and in the water, the dress nearly always comes out more clean than when we start.  Think of it this way, after an entire wedding day, the bottom of a the beautiful white dress is naturally black with dirt – the sand and salt water actually clean away most of that black stuff. There’s more of a chance of ruining the dress on the wedding day with wine/food spills or reception dance-offs than on the beach.

Timeline for a trash the dress session?

A day or two after the wedding day once the Bride and Groom have had a chance to relax and catch their breath is the best time to TTD .  Generally, these shoots last about 2 hours start to finish and let me tell ya, the time really flies by!

Trash the Dress photo

A few tips to help you get the most out of your Trash the Dress

  • Dig up your adventurous spirit – bring your romantic side along with your best blue-steel attitude pose.
  • Rest up!  While not the only options, sunrise and sunset are the best times to TTD
  • Brides wearing strapless dresses, be sure it’s done up properly to avoid “malfunctions”
  • Gentlemen, your white button up dress shirt is ideal – no under shirts, tank tops etc.
  • Gentlemen again – go with basic boxers, we don’t want crazy, smiley-face boxers showing through your khakis dude.
  • Focus on one another – soak up your beautiful surroundings and enjoy one another, pay no attention to the photo-nerd behind the camera!

Trash the Dress sessions are a fun, creative addition to your destination wedding photo album and provide a cool contrast for the event.  Set the bar high for your future generations!


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