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A little splash of drizzle couldn’t dampen the vibe as Chelsea married her Mountie at Muskoka’s beautiful Trillium Resort.  The fall colour was just beginning to peek through with a little tease of what’s to come.

But that fall backdrop quickly took a back seat to the detail they brought to their wedding day – from Chelsea’s gorgeous dress to the ’57 Chevy to the bold choice of climbing into a tippy-ready-to-dippy canoe.  And of course, Andrew’s 3 wardrobe changes from Red Serge to breeches to kickass kilt… he knows how to make a splash!  Oh and did I mention they served a full turkey dinner complete with stuffing and pumpkin pie at the reception?  Robert and his Trillium Resort team always put on a show with their meals but this one may have been my fav.

Pro Tip for future Brides:  Keep some BarkTHINS on hand in your bridal suite – kickass snack!  Chelsea kindly shared some with me – I’m now addicted.

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Enough from me, let’s hear Chelsea and Andrew’s story in their own words…

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Chelsea: We originally met when Andrew was stationed in Stonewall and I watched his dog named “Itch” for a week. From there we met a few times at social gatherings, a few years later I “liked” a photo on Facebook and he Facebook messaged me and it’s been history ever since.
Andrew: Dido

RCMP Mountie Wedding photo57 ChevyClassic Car Wedding Photo

Chelsea: What I remember about our first date was that he was a gentleman and would always open the door for me. Another thing I remember was Andrew taking me to a store to return an item and him arguing with the store manager – I walked to the other side of the store pretending I didn’t know him LOL . But he still opened the door for me when we left the store, he always could make me laugh after that.
Andrew: I made a date with Chelsea to meet me in Winnipeg, I was stationed in Island Lake at the time and was asked to return a stereo that we got for the office that was broken. I flew into Winnipeg and finally got to meet up with Chelsea. I could remember that she looked as beautiful as the last time I saw her and that she was kind enough to come to the store with me to return the stereo. After a heated argument with the staff and manager we left the store with the new stereo. I was always taught to be a gentleman and to open a door for a lady which I continue to do. We had a great meal, great conversation and my last first kiss!

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Chelsea: I knew Andrew was the one when I couldn’t see myself with anyone else and when my mom looked at me and said “ I have never seen you be your complete self with anyone until now.” It made me think and I knew I was the happiest I have ever been in my life and I could face anything with this guy by my side without a doubt in my mind.
Andrew: I knew that Chelsea was the one when I would come home from work and she could make all my problems of the day just disappear. She could make me feel calm and nothing else would matter. That is when I knew that I could not go a day with out her by my side to get me through those hard days.

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Chelsea: Oh man lol here it goes :P…  I remember Andrew picking me up from work that evening and I hadn’t seen him for at least a week and he asked me to go fishing. Of course I said yes. We woke up the next morning, it was raining out and chilly and he asked if we could still go fishing. I said yes even though I was secretly hoping the rain would stop and the sun would come out. Of course that didn’t happen. Anyways my family said that they weren’t going to go and Andrew and I could still go, which is odd because my dad never lets anyone drive or take his boat without him. I didn’t think too much about it and we went.

When we got there, there was 4 ft waves, it was down pouring and Andrew looked at me and asked if I still wouldn’t mind going fishing. I was thinking are you serious! But I said yes we could but if it gets any worse we will come back. We finally got onto the lake, which I grew up on, right in front of my grandparents house. I was freezing and was thinking I couldn’t wait to go back to land. Next thing I knew Andrew was handing me my fishing rod and said here you will need this to catch something with. He handed me a ring and I was in shock. I think the first thing I said, are you serious?! lol then I had a huge smile on my face and I said yes!! He asked if I wanted to go back to land and I said yes! lol And its been history ever since.
Andrew: Well first thing you need to know is that I am old fashioned and that before I was to ask Chelsea to marry me I first needed permission from her father. So after I got the ring I talked to her father. I asked him two very important question’s, one of which I already knew the answer. I asked Chelsea’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage and then asked if I could borrow his boat. So the next day Chelsea and I were on the lake she grew up on, the weather was less than perfect with it pouring rain, windy and cold. I convinced Chelsea to come out on the lake with me to go fishing and I was able to get the boat to a spot on the lake that over looked her grandparents house.

Chelsea being a good sport was sitting in the boat trying her best to keep warm and dry. I handed her a fishing rod and then handed her the ring “here, you should be able to catching something with this”. She looked up at me with a surprised look, “are you serious?” and later stated “yes!”.  I know she was happy and loved the ring, but I think deep down she was happier to head back to shore and get in the warm truck!

Trillium Resort Wedding photography

Chelsea: There are so many memorable moments I will only list a few :). My first most memorable moment was seeing Andrew for the first time in his uniform while he saw me in my dress for the first time. Another moment was putting on my dress and realizing wow this is the day we have been planning for over a year and I get to marry my man. Then last, but not least, another memorable moment was getting into the canoe – in my wedding dress – with Andrew for wedding pictures while people gathered to watch.
Andrew:  Seeing Chelsea in “the first look”. She looked absolutely beautiful and worked so hard to hide the dress from me so I had no Idea what she would look like. She was stunning and there is not much more I can say. The next was going in the canoe for some photos and to have a few moments alone with Chelsea.

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Chelsea: Andrew has been a trooper through the whole planning process. He has been there when I have needed him the most and when I have just needed to vent lol. He has been my rock and support and I cannot wait to see what life and this journey has in store for us!
Andrew:  There isn’t much more I can say about Chelsea that already hasn’t been mentioned. Chelsea planned most of the wedding which was difficult as we live in a different province from the venue and other than some rain the wedding was perfect. Chelsea is not only a trooper but also a warrior because I am uprooting her from her family, friends and work as we now start our adventure together in the Yukon.

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Never plan a wedding while you are moving! lol But most importantly try not to stress out over everything. There will always be bumps along the way but it will all work out in the end!! Enjoy your day!

Buckle up and hold on for the ride! Don’t forget to tell your future mother in-law how good she looks! Brownie points man, they go a long way with her too! LOL

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Photography – Vaughn Barry Photography
Wedding Venue – Trillium Resort and Spa
DJ – The Muskoka Touring CompanyDJ Rob
Hair & Makeup – The Hudson Hair Salon
Florist – Seasons in the Country

“Everyone was amazing and we would recommend them with out a doubt!!! Loved them all! :)”

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Trillium Resort and Spa Wedding in Muskoka
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