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Muskoka wedding photo at Trillium

Trillium Resort and Spa is a dream location for brides getting married in Muskoka

Having photographed many weddings at Trillium over the years, I believe I’m qualified to offer up this guide as well as my own tips for planning your wedding here.

When you book your wedding at Trillium, you have the entire resort for the weekend.  So picture this… you and your bridal party arrive Thursday afternoon to get settled and begin getting things organized on Friday.  As guests begin trickling in later Friday evening you’re now free to join in all the fun during your welcome festivities and bonfire.  On Saturday morning, a tasty lodge buffet breakfast waits in the main dining room where everyone can mix and mingle some more.  When I say buffet, I mean a serious buffet with bacon and eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, fruit etc.  Nobody goes hungry!

Trillium Resort and Spa in Muskoka

After breakfast, your guests can go enjoy some relaxing Trillium activities while you and your bridal party begin to get ready.  After the wedding, your guests can easily make their way back to their cottages without having to worry about cabs, Ubers and such.  For guests who do not have a cottage, most couples rent a local bus that brings them back to their hotel which isn’t too far away.

Trillium Resort: It’s like a mini-destination wedding at a big ole Muskoka cottage for the weekend.

RCMP Mountie wirh bride in Canoe

RCMP Mountie with his bride in a canoe on Devine Lake, Trillium Resort.


The resort boasts 86 acres of beautiful Muskoka forest right on Devine Lake.  Regardless of season, Trillium has all kinds of activities for relaxing as well as getting your heart rate up.

  • Accommodations: 60 guests across 17 cottages and chalets with a total of 23 bedrooms.  Additional guests are typically brought in by bus from nearby hotel.
  • Main lodge dining room can accommodate up to 130 guests for the reception
  • The Spa: this 5,000 square foot post and beam lodge offers many services for you and your guests. It’s also the place I recommend most for brides to get ready on their wedding day
  • Outdoor pool, wood burning sauna (Finnish-style), outdoor hot tub and fitness room
  • 6 kms of hiking trails, canoes, kayaks, pedals boats, row boats, paddle boards, bike rides etc.
  • Beach volleyball, horseshoe pits, tennis court and a giant outdoor chess game
  • Winter fun: skating rink, snowshoes, maintained cross country ski trails, outdoor fireplace

Winter wedding bridesmaids


The quick answer is, anytime.  Unlike many wedding venues, Trillium Resort is a year-round destination that offers plenty of activities and loads of photo opportunities regardless if you’re there in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.  Designed with the classic styling of Rocky Mountain lodges, Trillium oozes the great outdoors vibe guests love when they visit Muskoka

Winter Bridesmaid dresses photo

Getting married in Muskoka


There are several options when it comes to selecting where you would like to get ready the morning of your wedding.  The popular choices are the Rushing Water cottage, Falling Water and the Lakeview Cottages.  I’ve shot in each of these locations at Trillium and each have their own benefits however my recommendation is the Rushing Water cottage for you and your girls!  I also recommend having the fellas get ready in the Lakeview Cottages next to the main lodge keeping it simple for them to find the ceremony later on :)

Wedding Dress photo at Falling Water cabin

Bride getting ready with champagne

Rushing Water had plenty of space for you and your bridesmaids to get ready on your wedding day. There are two large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace and a kitchen with plenty of counter space and fridge to keep your flowers cool. Rushing Water is located on the west side of the property away from guest cottages giving you plenty of privacy.

Inside the cottage there are plenty of windows providing amazing natural light your hair/makeup and photography teams are going to love!  From my perspective, Rushing Water is the best choice for brides at Trillium.

For the guys, there are two main options I recommend: Either they get ready at one of the Lakeview Cottages and we do their photos there or they get ready in any cottage and we meet at the main lodge and do their prep photos around the main lodge.  Either way works great, it really depends on how your timeline for the day looks.

Rushing Water Cottage at Trillium Resort

Rushing Water Cottage at Trillium Resort

Here’s a quick summary of the “getting ready” location options at Trillium for winter or summer weddings. They’re ranked in order based on two main criteria:  amenities and how well they accommodate wedding groups and of course, selfishly speaking – the best for photography :)

Rushing Water Cottage:  Best option with plenty of space, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Loads of natural light are great for your vendors to work their magic and it is located away from guest cottages for privacy.  But the extra space and not one but two bathrooms make Rushing Water a no-brainer option for brides.

Falling Water Cottage:  Also located on the west side of the property for maximum privacy, Falling Water has a large living room and deck overlooking the falls below. You could use it for the guys prep on your wedding day however since it’s somewhat close to the Rushing Water Cottage, there’s a slight chance of the bride and groom accidentally seeing one another if they were outside at the same time. Unlikely, but possible.

Lakeview Cottages: There are a few of these classic, 2-storey, lodge-style cottages perched on a hill with wrap-around decks overlooking Devine Lake. These are a good option for the guys as they’re close to the main lodge with great views of the lake.  They’re also better for the guys in winter as opposed to the girls since they’re on a hill. While the hill is certainly manageable and well maintained, in winter it can get a little slippery if there’s fresh falling snow.

The main reason I do not recommend the standard cottages is simply due to size.  While they’re plenty spacious as guest cabins, they’re not ideal when you bring bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and wedding vendors all in the same space together. It can get a little cramped.

Falling Water cottage at Trillium Resort

Falling Water cottage at Trillium Resort


You have two primary locations for your ceremony – the front lawn as well as inside the main lodge.  Regardless of the season, either option is available.  There is also a less common location down on the beach.  Which one should you choose?

This is by far the most popular choice as it’s elevated and overlooks beautiful Devine Lake.  The towering trees surrounding this location add to the authentic Muskoka wedding vibe.  Even in winter, staff clear the snow from the lawn and set everything up just the same as they do in the summer.  Add in some lightly falling snow flakes… winter wonderland wedding anyone?

Outdoor ceremony setup on lawn at Trillium Resort

Outdoor ceremony location on the lawn at Trillium Resort and Spa.

Wedding ceremony photos at Trillium Resort

Outdoor wedding at Trillium Resort

Winter ceremony outdoor photo Trillium

Outdoor lawn ceremony in winter. Chilly but beautiful.

In the event of rain, or if you’re having a winter wedding – the dining room in the main lodge can serve as your ceremony location.  The large windows, rustic chandeliers and cozy fireplace provide a beautiful backdrop for you and your guests.  While the outdoor lighting of the front lawn provides the most flattering lighting scenario, the dining room is a solid backup plan with those massive windows.

Trillium Resort indoor ceremony

Indoor ceremony in the winter at Trillium Resort and Sp

Ceremony inside Trillium Resort main lodge in winter.


Rob and his team are fantastic.  Wedding reception setups always look incredible and there are so many table configurations to meet any size of group. One of my favourite things about weddings at Trillium is the food.  The chef and entire team are amazing – your guests will thank you after every bite.

Once dinner and speeches are finished, you and your guests move into the lounge area outside of the dining room while Trillium staff clear tables and set up your dance floor.  Typical turnaround time is 20-30 minutes, plenty of time for everyone to mingle, indulge in some treats before filing back in to get the party started.

Here are some resources to help you plan your wedding at Trillium:

Trillium Resort wedding reception tables

Reception dinner set up in the main lodge.

Quick Tip: That 20-30 minute break while staff are turning around the dining room is the perfect time for a cake cut and/or sneaking outside to grab some fun night photos (sparklers perhaps?).  Trillium has a warm glow against the blue night sky with the towering silhouetted trees on either side.  Many of my couples request that exact photo.

A few sample weddings from Trillium:

There’s a very good reason Trillium Resort is on my Best Muskoka Wedding Venue list… it’s beauty, food, staff and on-site accommodations.  It’s a mini-destination wedding getaway just a few hours north of the Toronto – Contact them here.

Trillium Resort & Spa – 848 Clearwater Lake Road,  Port Sydney, Ontario  Canada
Telephone: 1.800.263.6600 or 705.385.1212
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Trillium Resort reception table setup

Reception table setting

CakeyBakey Boutique wedding cupcakes and cake

first dance trillium resort

First dance as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom

Muskoka wedding photography on lake

Bride's bouquetTrillium Resort and Spa wedding venue in MuskokaCreative photography in rain

Trillium Resort and Spa photo at night

Trillium Resort and Spa photo at night

Map of Trillium Resort & Spa

Trillium Resort Map

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