Best Waze to be on time for your Wedding

New Waze to a better commute…

I had already mentally poo-poo’d the idea before we even made the first turn from our neighbourhood street – relying on an app to guide us through traffic.  We were on our way to a wedding and my daughter was telling me about a cool app she’d been using called Waze.  With so many useless apps on the market I dismissed it without a second thought.  Soon after she correctly predicted the exact position of a 3rd police speed trap on Hwy 11 north in Muskoka – I began to give it some serious consideration.

Since that day, I check it before every trip out of town.  The accuracy of it continues to astound me – traffic thickness, construction zones and police are stress relievers… especially in cities and towns I’m not familiar with.  Perfect for all the different places I visit for weddings.  Weddings are a no-be-late type of event – so Waze-on.

As far as GPS apps go… Waze is the shiznit. The Waze app provides continuous updated map info based on it’s user-fed data-sharing setup.  “Wazers” are awarded points while allowing the app to track their travels as well as for sharing their travel information ie. traffic congestion, accidents, weather, and of course speed traps. This information is collected from users in real-time and shared immediately with other Waze users right on their mobile devices map.

Waze Traffic App in Barrie, Ontario

Ask anyone who uses this kickass app and they’ll no doubt tell you that simpy put, Waze just works.

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Best Waze to be on time for your Wedding
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Best Waze to be on time for your Wedding
Shiznit. As far as mobile GPS apps go... Waze really is the shiznit. Do yourself a favour and waze.
Vaughn Barry
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