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2019 Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Grooms

The Groom’s Complete Wedding Day Survival Kit for 2019 It’s the morning of one of the most important days in any groom’s lives. Most will arrive with the key items like the wedding bands and their suit. But despite all the year+ of planning, things fall through the cracks and we overlook some basic things. […]

2019 Wedding Survival Kit for Brides

The Bride’s Complete Wedding Day Emergency Kit for 2019 Your wedding day emergency kit is a must-have for brides who like to cover their bases and be ready for anything.  No matter how detailed your day-of wedding day itinerary is, shit happens.  Little, unexpected things come up and even with the schedule of events it […]

Wedding Planning Checklist

Your wedding checklist is a can’t miss step in planning your big day This wedding checklist is going to be your best friend over the next year and change.  It will offer great advice when you need it, ideas when you’re lost, it’ll listen when you want to vent (and won’t talk back) but most […]

Best Barn Wedding Venues near Barrie, Ontario

My favourite barn wedding venues in the Barrie, Ontario area If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding, a barn venue could make for the perfect setting!  The Barrie – Muskoka – Collingwood region boasts some of the most amazing barn wedding venues in the province. When planning for the perfect barn wedding photos, I recommend […]

Why Choose an Associate Wedding Photographer

WHY CHOOSE AN ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOUR WEDDING Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding day. After everything is said and done, your photography is the only thing you will walk away with from your wedding. I have no doubt the thought of a choosing an associate […]