Why buy a Wedding Album?

Why Buy a Wedding Album

Why invest in a Wedding Album?

So happy you asked.  Memories of your wedding day are always going to be with you however we’re all human and as humans memories have a way of fading.  A physical photograph held in your hand keeps those memories alive much the same way a particular smell stirs an emotion or song on the radio snaps your mind back to a time long since past.  You not only remember what you were doing in that moment, but that emotion of the moment seeps back in.

In simplest terms:  As a newly married couple starting out on your life long adventure together, your wedding album becomes your very first family heirloom that you can pass on to your generations to come.


Picture this… years down the road when you’re no longer around your children and grandchildren are rummaging through an old trunk and come across your wedding album.  Imagine the overwhelming emotion that’s going to stir in them.  How amazing would it be for you to be able to sit and go through your grandparents’ wedding album?  To relive their day as it happened?  With a timeless wedding album you’re doing your part in starting or carrying on your family history.

Wedding albums and invaluable family heirlooms to be passed down through generations.  I’m talking about high quality, leather bound flush-mount pieces of art that wow to the touch, smell and sight.


Imagine you have company coming over and you can’t wait to show them your wedding photographs.  Scenerio #1:  You run over and grab your laptop, flip up the screen and power up!  Impressive so far ehh?! But wait, there’s more… you click away searching through folders for them and then voila – there they are.  One by one you click through your images on your computer screen one click at a time. Fun without question, but let’s compare with…

Scenerio #2:  Your guests are seated along side you in the living room as you reach for an artfully styled book-sized box.  Opening the box you remove the thick, heavy album and that wonderful scent of leather follows along.  Before you even open it their holy-shit meter is sailing off the charts.  Turning back that first page, the fairy tale leaps to life as everyone is sent back to the emotion of the day.  Page after thick, heavy page the day unfolds with photographs that are carefully selected, edited and ordered specifically to carry that emotion.

Digital files are excellent for archival purposes, but as humans we thrive on emotion and there are few things that stir our emotions quite like physical photographs we can hold in our hand.  Look around your home, are your favourite photos of your children, parents, grandparents on your computer or on your wall/table etc?

Flush mount, leather wrapped wedding albums

Why buy a wedding album?


We’re living through the tech-craze with technology changing from day to day.  How comfortable are you with those family VHS tapes in that box in the basement?  DVDs and Bluray?  Most newer computers don’t even come with any kind of disc drive in them.  Bitmaps were the image file of choice back in my day – ask your children what a BMP file is now?  Most couples know what a JPG image file is, but most wouldn’t know what a TIFF, RAW or PNG file is currently.  Your future grand kids will have no clue what to do with that USB stick they find in that box in the attic.

Technology is ever changing, physical photographs are evergreen.  Pop one of those VHS tapes in (if you can find a VHS player that is) and see how great it doesn’t look.  Then look through that other box with all your favourite books you read as a child – the emotion those pages and images can still stir in you is astounding!

Wedding photos allow us to travel in time, they’re a return ticket to a moment otherwise lost.”  I love the feeling of turning pages, sifting through photo boxes on winter days in front of the fire with my family.  I smile knowing that years from now our grandchildren’s children will have an beautiful, lasting, hand-crafted wedding album to remember us and how we felt on our wedding day.

My advice, the album is a no-brainer.  For you, for your children and their children it’s a connection to their past.  An invaluable family heirloom to be cherished through generations.  Find a way to make it happen – whatever budget tweaks necessary – do what you need to do to.  You’ll thank me, I promise.

Why Buy Wedding Albums


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